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28th Oct 2003, 20:35
Please!...can somebody please give me the hints of Tomb Raider 1...pleeeeease my email is dulceamor84@hotmail.com:confused:

28th Oct 2003, 21:20
I might be able to help you. What kind of help do you need? If you tell me where you are, I can try to tell you where to go, or what to do. Or, if you need more help than just to get past a specific place, this (http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/tomb1.html) is a very good place. Here you'll find a good walkthrough, and other helpful hints.

If you have a technical problem I'm probably not going to be of much help, but other people here can be, if you say what your problem is! :)

28th Oct 2003, 22:16
Solange is right, Stella's walkthroughs are great! And you can always ask your question here!

29th Oct 2003, 01:55
Thank u very much...God bless u;)

29th Oct 2003, 10:47
You are welcome! :)