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28th Oct 2003, 16:04
It's a conspiracy I tell yee!!!!

USA has a release date on the official site

Germany has a release month on the offical site

France knows nothing but I hear the dubbing isn't done yet (or was that germany?)

The UK know a month from the sony website but Nothing on the Official LOK site..

If SONY have released the offical release date for the UK as NOVEMBER then that means Eidos told them November. Everyone thinks the 28th for some reason. Whre did this come from? Did they make this date up because it's the last friday in november?
why doesn't the offical UK site say this? Are they trying to release it the same week as america (17th is the first Friday after the USA release) or something? You'd think if Eidos told sony november then there'd at least be a "RELEASED NOVEMBER 2003!" on the official site.


OK, so the suspense is eating me up. What does everyone else think?

Blue Winged Fellow
28th Oct 2003, 17:28
Oh Boy

I must tell you I HOPE you're absolutely right, and they actually are planning an early release in the UK as well... 28th/11 is WAY too long a wait...

I'm dying to have the game YESTERDAY!

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that the line

"I could promise you the same... but it would be a lie!"

that Kain speaks in one of the videos around, is WAY TOO COOL? I've found myself telling that to my flatmates, and they just think I'm weird! :rolleyes:
I think I will update my signature sometime soon....

28th Oct 2003, 17:31
I think amazon.co.uk has the release date as the 28th Nov (I should know, I preordered it :P). That's the only mention of that UK date I've come across.

28th Oct 2003, 17:32
You are weird, but just as much as we are.

28th Oct 2003, 17:37
Umm Turkey:)

Blue Winged Fellow
28th Oct 2003, 17:38
Originally posted by Dormarth
You are weird, but just as much as we are.

It is good to feel like part of something! :D

There, my signature has been updated... I will remove the "spoiler" tags after the 12th/11, I guess I don't want Umah complaining about the content of the Sig. ;)

28th Oct 2003, 17:54
I don't think your sig warrants a spoiler tag. Also spellcheck it.