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28th Oct 2003, 12:43
Considering the games Commandos 3 and Commandos 2, the lenght of the game, the difficulty by de point of view of the interface and the fun what would u choose?
Commandos 2
Commandos 3

28th Oct 2003, 14:28
it would be commandos 3 :)

28th Oct 2003, 15:57
Commandos 3 is much better. Only it's more easier then C2 and they definitly have to put some extra missions(maybe for download)!!

28th Oct 2003, 17:12
Couldnt say just yet as only on mission 3 of C3 but i do know C2 is one of the best games ever! Too easy imo even on the hardest setting and needed a bit more diversity here and there but such an awesome game!

Maybe C3 will be better....sorting out the bloomin BUGS (coughshortcutkeysCOUGH) etc would help though ;)

29th Oct 2003, 03:24
it gave me a good idea to replay the game after patch is released :) will see how many bugs ar realy gone, ar how much more are made ;) j/k about this.

29th Oct 2003, 11:14
Don't expect much David... and others, i'm no longer convinced of pyro team proffesional skills. An addon would just wash-up some, not all but some of the shame of this release.

29th Oct 2003, 12:03
i reckon C2 was better but CBEL and CBTCOD should be added to the poll as they were loads better.

29th Oct 2003, 15:10
If C3 deal with the buggs, hotkeys, mission guidance(as the target in red circle as C2 did), more difficult levels... I would vote for C3, but now...

6th Nov 2003, 04:23
Originally posted by [WZ]divine
i reckon C2 was better but CBEL and CBTCOD should be added to the poll as they were loads better.

Absolutely. I'm so glad I started playing them again - thought I wouldn't be able to get over the inferior/choppy graphics, but the solid gameplay definitely makes up for any pretty packaging. (not that it wasn't pretty considering the date it was released --- quite the opposite)

6th Nov 2003, 16:49
C2 all the way. Semper Fi!

Major if you are back into C2 check out http://commandos3.gamerspulse.com/html/

I made some sound mods where the commandos cuss fart and belch to releive the boredom along with better gun and explosion sounds taken from the actual wepaons. I also put up a hints and tips with some lesser-known things along with the very basic. There are some tutorials on modding the files that can be modded too. If you get the PCK extractor you can make some good changes to a couple of the files. Others when changed make no difference ??? Play on!

6th Nov 2003, 18:31
Thanks Twitch - I'll check it out ... but oh MAN is TAFN a slow site from my location!

Edit: found it, but the download link 404's on me...

6th Nov 2003, 20:42
Me too TAFN hardly opens fo me any more. Times out most of the time......

6th Nov 2003, 21:27
I chose c3. I think it has better graphics and more action. though I miss the strategy

14th Nov 2003, 20:23
Have be to commandos 2

2nd Dec 2003, 03:31
C3 has better graphic,but C2 has something....I was very relaxed playing C2 , but in the C3 I'm going mad.It's harder a lot , and , somehow I cannot completly enjoy the game.It has everything that needs , cool graphic, cool missiones...But C2 is better to me.My favorite level on C2 "the guns of savo island"--whow , when I saw that level I was thrilled.Missions in C3 are shorter , and harder , everything is about hiding and killing from ambush...Plus , I had a real problem with switching the weapon I need, there's no shortcuts , ...Idea with zooming and rotating the inside of hous (or else) is perfect , but it would be a lot better that in the outside is the same thing too , not only the four directions.Maybe I'll have a better oppinion when finished the game.Now I'm on defusing or destroying some bombs , I don't remember exactly.Level after getting into train. :)

13th May 2004, 19:35
C3 gets my vote. C2 was way too easy...even on the hardest difficulty. :o

20th May 2004, 07:50
i love c2 the most
i love the shortcut, the mission and the strategy
c3 is lack of shortcut and mission, but i enjoy the last part the most when we have to eliminate all the soldier