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27th Oct 2003, 23:38
I rented this game and have no clue what buttons do what. Can someone please post the controls for PS2?

4th Nov 2003, 19:14
You mean the game didn't come with the book when you rented it?

Here are the controls for PS2. Directional pad moves, Start Button Pauses.... just kidding.

The controls for the game are kind of hard to explain, as prolly most of the people that own this game can't figure them out. Just start hitting buttons and see what happens. These are the basic controls though.

Square- punch
Both-multiple attacks (if the first one hits you can pull off some craziness with these hit multiple times in no real order)
Square + X together-knockdown attack, also use R2
Triangle-picks up weapon and with the weapon you can use square or X to do a different attack with it. Triangle again puts the weapon down.
Circle-grab opponent in a headlock. From here you can do any of your moves....
You do different moves depending on what you hit
Up & Square or X
Down & Square or X and so on
Anything and Circle is a whip in the direction you are facing, not the direction you hit on the D-pad

That's about it for the controls, try to experiment with other stuff. to run towards the opponent hit R1 and when you get near hit either Square or X to do a move.

To reverse a move, do like you would be doing a move out of a headlock, only you have to do it when your character flashes. It has to be timed right.