View Full Version : Symphony Of Grunts

27th Oct 2003, 23:21
All I can think of after reading the comments about "oochra" when they are hurt is okra and how you can't tell whether they've been shot or are asking for a culinary vegetable delight!

But really, even funnier, if you have a mission, like Berlin, that has four guys at once.... start 'em up a ladder at different times but stop them halfway. Get out the keyboard and you can practically make music. Talk about a laugh out loud experience. It sounds like they are all trying to force out a log the size of a maglite!

Little more work on sound effects next time, Pyro!

28th Oct 2003, 03:40
lol, i know about this!
it is pretty funny realy. i think c2 had similar grunting noises, only not that much annoying.

28th Oct 2003, 20:34
Rick- I think they're all constipated. Waahahaha! For anyone that persists in playing this mess at least the sounds can be changed. I did a lot WAV mods for C2 and they will work if you put them in C3. AT least Tiny can say "Aw sh_t!!" when he is hit as I did for C2. And instead of "OK" and "Uhuh" he farts or belches robustly now.