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27th Oct 2003, 17:26
Ok, I already had the hotel manager dead, Sandra is in tears, not sure if she'll run off or not.

Not sure what to do with the airplane guy Lebedeth I think. Kill or stun, hmm. which will make a more sad tale?

Later I'll have Paul killed by exiting the window.

Now here's a tricky fella, Dr. Jaime, how to have him dead through the story? If we tell him to come to Hong Kong we get an upgrade thingy, tell him to stay we get Gunther's killswitch.

But what happens if we don't talk to him? I'll try that.

Jock will die via explosion, & Smuggler by Gunther.

The sick illuminati fella I won't give him the vial. & The frozen fella, should I unfreeze him to die or leave him to suffer? which is more sadening or sort?

so many deaths, this is going to be great. :)

who else knows other people's death will effects the game?

27th Oct 2003, 18:31
Tell Lucius that Everett will never restore him, but keep him alive. He'll want to kill himself but won't be able to. That's much worse than plain death.

Big Ragu
27th Oct 2003, 22:56
Here's a sad story, auric sitting in his room thinking up ways to cause the most pain and suffereing imaginable to the world of Deus Ex.

28th Oct 2003, 02:04
I knew someone would say that momentarily. *message on top*

ok, that solves everett, but what about Jaime?

28th Oct 2003, 03:19
Toss a LAM in the med center as you go by. He's immortal, but it would still be funny.

29th Oct 2003, 08:20
that not a sad story, that's a sad-istic story

29th Oct 2003, 12:10
So how do u propose to have Jaime gone?

About Sandra, after her dad is gone, she was talking to Jo Jo in the next scene, After she ran away I killed him. I think I'll find her at the gas station later.

Speaking of Gas Station, that's 1 of my favourite moments, the 1st time I played I didn't give her dad the gun so she ran off thinking his a cowered. When I reach the station, wow to my surprise she's there. The scene of a hostage situation is all so great. :)

30th Oct 2003, 00:10
I mean kill them off, via story line, not find ways to kill with a bullet in the head by my own gun.

I hope u didn't think I killed Sandra's father, its the NSF in that scene "who did it."

I'm finding ways to activate the sad horrible parts of the story, if killing them only & no one notices its pointless.

yeah yeah, some may say this is pointless too, but I've already covered up other ways of playing it, now I'm trying this.


30th Oct 2003, 18:17
here's the scoop on Jaime, I think he can't die at all, I tried ignoring him when I escape from UNATCO, then at Hong Kong

Alex told me Jaime told him that I told Jaime to be a spy.


[SYN] Nexus
31st Oct 2003, 16:01
Originally posted by auric

Alex told me Jaime told him that I told Jaime to be a spy.

Now that is a complex sentance :D

31st Oct 2003, 16:48
Yeah it is,

hope u understand.

but to be short & simple

They acted like I told Jaime to be a spy on UNATCO.

meaning I'll get Gunther's Killswitch but Jaime won't die, :(