View Full Version : Lmao... you got to be kidding right?

27th Oct 2003, 13:35
Q: How do I make the game run in a higher resolution (instead of 800x600)?

A: This change is not possible, the game can only be run in 800x600...

Lmao.. what were the developers thinking? That we still run on p200 machines with a max res. of 800x600?

I ordered the game a month before the release because i love the commandos series but now i'm even going to pick this game up and buy it like i did with the other series, instead i download an iso.


Do you expect me to pay 45 Euro for this game? Lmao.. think twice..

27th Oct 2003, 14:17
Actually, it's you who's gotta be kidding...

coming to official forum, talking about downloading warez and thinking it's okay. LMAO.