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27th Oct 2003, 05:42
Well after playing perfect dark for dozens of hours I realized that although it was a classic I needed something fresh and possibly even better although I honestly doubted that. I started checking out all the FPS on the PS2 and came up with a couple of good ones but one game caught my interest. I had heard about the original timesplitters when it was a launch title for the PS2 and that it was very similar to goldeneye in terms of style and gameplay. After researching this more I started looking into Timesplitters 2 and I was amazed at how many awards it had received and some even said its mp was better than Halo. It wasn't long before I tried out the game at a store for about half an hour. During that time I obviously hadn't been able to explore everything the game had to offer but I was impressed with the gameplay and the weapons and levels and a few days later I walked out of EB games with a copy of TS2 in my hands. When I got home a placed it into my PS2 and booted it up. I explored all the menus fully and got into the story mode. The first level was like being back in the days of goldeneye it was amazing. Afterwards I checked out all the options in arcade mode and realized that it was at least as many as PD if not more. The level designs were incredible I especially liked hospital and ice station. Anyways after playing around with it by myself I invited one of my buddies to drop by and I showed him the game. We started a co-op mission mode and it was a blast. I was moving in with the pistol and s47 while he covered me with the sniper. It was really crazy in at the end when we were fighting off all those zombies. Arcade was insane as well. BTW if we do it in co-op in arcade league and get a gold for example do both of us get that gold in our individual stats? Anyways after that we invited another friend with a multi-tap and things really got crazy. Not to mention my brother gets home and now we got 4 players going at it in arcade! We ended up playing for about 5 hours straight and I got a great insomnia score. The game really surpassed my expectations I'm happy to say. Although GE was revolutionary when it was released, TS2 is as good if not better IMO. It's just a shame I didn't get it sooner.

A few questions: Is it really as hard as some ppl describe for missions on hard and challenges to the point where its impossible? And a couple of my friends have either not heard about this series or very little...I was wondering how popular the 2nd game is, does anyone have the sales numbers for it? IMO i think everyone who loved PD and GE should at least give it a try. Also if any lives in montreal do you know if there are tournaments for this game(they have tourneys for halo downtown so I was wondering..) and I also heard you can go online by tricking the PS2 into thinking you are connecting via LAN or something if so how is this done and are there many ppl who do this? Lastly are there any serious glitches I should know about? Well that's all for now...

Captin Snow
27th Oct 2003, 22:52
Glad to see you enjoyed the game. couldn't find any sales ranks for you, but I can inform you of one glitch I know. When you play Assult in the Hanger, when you go to open the Hanger door don't have your laser gun sheild on, it wont open for some reason. And for online play here's (http://www.neoavalon.com/TS2O/setup/) a website with step by step for setting up online play. I haven't done it yet though, I've been to lazy..

28th Oct 2003, 07:36
Cool man. Luckily I have all the tools required for online play but I think I'd rather practice a little first. Since I beat just about everything in PD I think I'll be up to the challenge in this game. Lol since getting it many of my friends seem to have become addicts for TS2. One of my friends went out yesterday to buy the game on gamecube and 2 more will be getting it on PS2. Not to mention my bro and his friends. Soon enough I'll be able to have my own tourneys. Also does anyone think there'll be a TS2.5 where they have online play kinda of like they did for Twisted metal black online cuz that would be way cool. Thanks for the heads up on that glitch btw. Some of you guys should also post from time to time in the IGN Timesplitters board. There's a lot of cool ppl there . Anyway back to playing TS2 now...

28th Oct 2003, 16:48
:eek: Wow, that was kinda creepy. You almost exactly sumed up my TS2 experiance. I do try to make it a habbit of trying as many PS2 games as possible, so as not to miss the pure gems like this game. I totally agree with you ambush347, I anyone liked Goldeneye or Perfect Dark, DEFINATLY try this game. You will be blown away.:cool:

Captin Snow
28th Oct 2003, 23:02
Weapon wise I still think Perfect Dark surpasses Timesplitters.. Laptop gun, rocket launcher with the 'fly by wire' mode, Farsight, Nbomb.. ah memories..

29th Oct 2003, 04:46
I dont know about that PD did have the most inovative weapons ever but I love the minigun and the plasma one in this game you just feel the power! Farsight and laptop were by far the best in PD though.

Captin Snow
30th Oct 2003, 00:07
I don't know.. while I do feel power with the Minigun, it's not an innovative weapon considering it's a real gun. And the Plasma is the only gun I get killed with, though I do love those grenades.

30th Oct 2003, 06:30
True...btw how many player profiles can I create with one mem card for this game?

30th Oct 2003, 12:36
you can get at least 10!

glad you enjoyed the game! anyway, about Lan Gaming; I myself own an i-link for my PS2 so several times I have linked up with friends for huge matches, I find snipering matches are great for lan! anyway, a word of warning- the LAN cannot handle BOTs so its just you and your friends who play- so heres the warning; don't play virus unless there are at least 3 people!

also, you cannot play with custom built maps on LAN battles which is a shame. oh, and theres no LAN Co-op :(

Anyway, a well known glitch in the game which is also very cool is as follows; go on the training grounds level on shrink playing as the monkey and lose until you are TINY, then run to the waterfall and run into the cave, you will appear outside of the map, it loos cool, try it!

31st Oct 2003, 03:50
LOL that sounds cool, I'll check out that glitch. I can't wait to play a LAN game soon!

4th Nov 2003, 21:49
another one is on ufopia. ( my personal favourite map) when playing a game get a speen and get to the to where u can jump off the bit onto the sapce ships. when u do this sometimes depeding on how fast u are going and where u jump u can fall out of teh map and cant get back in. This sucks cause u cant see anyone and u can shoot and if your playing virus then u cant still get caught.