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27th Oct 2003, 02:24
hi i am new to the legacy of kain ive played blood omen2 and soul reaver2 only. playing those games has left me confused about the whole story behind the legacy of kain cause in bo2 kain was busy conquering nosgoth and destroyed the pillars in sr2 the pillars were destroyed becuase the balance guardian was killed. so what are the facts of the story. and in the new game does kain have any of his dark gifts from bo2 or any weaknesses?

27th Oct 2003, 02:48
kain was a nobleman in the land of nosgoth. till he was killed by thugs in an alley. in the underworld, kain was furious that his life had been taken from him.

then a necromancer asked him if he wished to be revived so he extract his vengeance. he quickly said yes.kain had been tricked by the necromancer, however, as he was reborn as a vampire.

at first, kain tried to be chivalrous, only praying on wrongdoers to feed, and basically doing the superhero thing. but he finds that humankind was ungrateful for his acts, thus kain gives up on weak, mindless humans.

it turned out thre whole reason kain was ressurected was to bring back baleance to the ruined nosgoth. to do this, it was intended that kain would sacrifice his life...again.

thinking humans too inferior to rule a land for themselves, kain decides to govern the land of nosgoth instead of saving it.(this is a very brief summary of the events prior to soul reaver)

then we come to raziel, this was kain's first lieutenant out of eight. as vampires age, they evolve, and raziel was lucky enough to surpass kain in evolutionary power. kain feared this power, and destroyed raziel.

however, raziel returned centuries centuries after his damnation, in the blue, disgraceful form you've seen in SR2. raziel was told of how kain had essentially damned nosgoth centuries ago. and craved vengeance for nosgoth, as well as his own life.
(this is the beginning of soul reaver 1.)

in SR1, raziel fought kain and left the battlefield with the soul reaver, a legendary sword of great power. he killed the other 7 lietenants and gained their powers, some of which he will have in defiance. he also learned that he and the other lieutenants had once been sarafan generals.

eventually raziel meetas kain again in a chronoplast chamber (just think time travel). after a skirmish, kain enters the chronoplast chamber. raziel follows him against the wishes of the elder god that had advised him throghout the adventure.
(this is a summary of soul reaver1)

and then you come to soul reaver 2, which you've played and hopefully know the story of.

27th Oct 2003, 03:43
Hello I know that Kain does use some dark gifts, but I do not know which ones. The only one is his telekinisis power which he gained from the sheer in BO2. The others I do not know like I said. Scratch out what I said first maybe he uses new abilities when he was evolving during his time of rule. But like I said I only know one gift so far.:rolleyes:

Angel of Music
27th Oct 2003, 03:43
tabish, rather than attempt to relate the entire convoluted tale that is poor ol' Kain's legacy, I would suggest that you read the history that is provided in the extras section of your Soul Reaver 2 disc. You will find it most helpful, and more accurate than the relation above.

27th Oct 2003, 14:52
they're probably right, but i never played SR2 as i don't have a ps2

27th Oct 2003, 15:50
Yeah. But Kain IS the Guardian of Balance. Ariel was purposely killed at that moment of his birth so that Nupraptors madness would affect him as well and thus render him somewhat incapable of fully attaining his place as the new pillar of balance. Kain also ended up finding out that there was another way besides his death to heal the pillars and that Nosgoth originally had vampires as the pillars guaridans. The Hilden, apparently, cursed the vampires with sterility so it eventually fell to humans to protect the pillars. Eventually that disinigrated. So Kain is trying to bring it back to the vampires - maybe not in the most noble way, but he's trying. Raziel, total mystery. I still want to know what is meant when Janos tells him "My child, what have they done to you." Anyone else curious? I am. Hopefully, it's answered in Defiance.

Till then ^_^

27th Oct 2003, 18:59
hi thanx for every ones help just one question does anyone know how raziel's death helps kain?

27th Oct 2003, 19:47
Sort of.

Raziel is a special case. His soul is the one that is trapped inside the SoulReaver blade which is why it tried to devour him after he killed the Seraphan incarnation of himself. Hence, Raziel is currently a paradox and to quote Kain "History abhores a paradox." Raziel is the key to Kain overturning the written fate of Nosgoth for that very reason. As for exactly how he plans to make use of this besides throwing off the order of things so that they can be re-ordered, I don't know.

Hope this helps.

28th Oct 2003, 19:28
im not clear on how kain is trying to make vampires the guardians of the pillars again, but the pillars blocked the demon dimension, so maybe that's why the hylden cursed the vampires- to open the dimension! perhaps there was something in there they wanted, after all, people in that dimension are immortal, as the sarafan lord said in BO2

i do believe i've just fornd the reason for the whole war between hylden and vampires!

18th Dec 2003, 18:52
I agree, there must have been something keeping the Hylden alive in the demon dimension, could it be that there are more evil, sinister evil forces at work??:confused:

Nosgothic Aristocrat
27th Dec 2003, 03:44
Just go out and buy the other Legacy of Kain games (Blood Omen, Soul Reaver)

27th Dec 2003, 12:21
It has only just dawned on my how comlicated the story of LOK might seem to a newbie or an outsider. I didn't realise it before i think because I was playing the games in order. hmmm. Interesting.


27th Dec 2003, 15:15
Originally posted by omegafury
they're probably right, but i never played SR2 as i don't have a ps2

Nor do I -- however, thankfully the games look much better on the PC (and, if you have a gamepad, they don't control like a wet monkey on acid). The only problem you might have is with defiance because most gamepads have one too few buttons (although it isn't really all that much of a problem)