View Full Version : So You Finished the GAME! What did you think???

27th Oct 2003, 02:10
Hello, guys!
I've finished the game in about three weeks. Counting only the days, they were 6 days completely.
I just LOVE the story!
It was really quick to finish but it was very impressive.
Pardon me, but how many games of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness was the whole story planned for? 5? Not metioning this first one...

So, what did all of you think about the whole game?
I wish it didn't finish so quick. But I do understand Core Design's hard effort in finishing this one.

27th Oct 2003, 10:47
I finished the game yesterday for the 5th time, so i guess i liked the game! :D

The thing i liked most was the storylines. The controlls were a bit hard to get used to but after the first level, you get used to it and i actually liked it better than the original controlls.

27th Oct 2003, 13:05
Well, I just have to say that the GAME was really fun to play. I find it the best of all TR's. The only problem was to get used to the controls. But then it became easy.

I must say that I am impressed. I thought the GAME was going to be really hard compared to the other TR's. But it wasn't.
It must be the little time Core Design had.


I wonder what will Core Design and Mr. HEathSmith will do from now on.
They have the most impressive skills in manking games. I guess they will create another spetacular game.