View Full Version : My Janos and Raz theory...Spoilers

26th Oct 2003, 20:51
ok this is just my theory,,here goesok first off Raziel has a new way of changing from the spectral to material (he uses a corpse then his blue skin comesthrough somehow) i think Raz aquires this ability from the creatures from here (http://www.eidosinteractive.co.uk/gss/lokdefiance/screenshots/43.jpg) as i think these creatures are things weve heard that possess bodies to assail raz and kain

as for Janosi have 2 ideas, these "body snatchers"could take over Janos while Raz hs the heart and raz could defeat the spirit inside the body of Janos and then he could resurect janos to be a good guy,OR it could be that its only when you replace the heart that Janos comes alive and attacks you so Raz must kill him
constructive responses welcome

Camus Audron
27th Oct 2003, 00:57
Yeah well...these are all posiblities that have been contemplated before...and I do belive they are posible