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26th Oct 2003, 18:57
Hi folks,

i finaly out of stalingrad(stalingrad level2) now i am in berlin(stalingrad level3)
can you give tips, strategies....
i know i need to use the spy and disguise him but officers always detect me.

please help.

26th Oct 2003, 20:48
I take this from my other post on another thread - and even though I might be a little late, why not.

Do understand that the game cannot have the entire concept of a completely superior Spy, otherwise you could distract and stab your way through the entire game. This is Berlin bud, so you're facing a division of Waffen SS (lightish brown soldiers) and the Gestapo (dark black/heavily clothed grey sgts). Officers technically also know their own kind, be thankful the troopers have no idea of their command. :p

At officer uniform level the worry you should have is -
Waffen SS

You should begin with simply clearing out the entire sewer, this shouldn't take you too long and can be done simply by dressing your spy in the first soldier uniform you can get your hands on. There are only two (2) compartments in the entire sewers where you will encounter SS and those you could deal with Tiny (Green Berret) or simply make use of your mp-40. Clearing out the entire sewers gives you access to the entire ground map without the danger of flying bullets. ;)

Enter the ground map from where you meet the spy. There will be 3 Wermacht guards up on top and you could use your spy with the same uniform to distract and deal with them. Access the building right beside the sewer enterance (that would be the building where the Traitor is supposed to arrive at) and clear out the rooms to collect your Officer's uniform.

From here there are many ways to complete the mission.
* You could shoot up the whole building and the front enterance would be clear for you to place your C4s and simply await for the traitor to arrive and make his way to your little trap.
* You could clear out the construction site for the C4, clear out the square with the Panzer to make a path for the Hotel with your sniper rifle.
* Or you could combine everything for the greatest amount of fun and clear out the construction site for the C4, the square with the Panzer and the building facing it (that would be the speaker building with the High Ranking officer that you see giving the speech to the division of trooper in the cut-scene), and the sniper building for your rifle - place the C4 in the intersection of the road that is in front of the Sniper rifle building and place your sniper of the wide roof of the Speaker building. Await for the vehicle to arrive, pick up your traitor, and blow up the bomb under the carrige - killing all the Gestapo escort. Then do a classical head snipe off the speak building rooftop, and no-one's the wiser. ;)

There are plenty of ways to go about this mission, from the extremely hard to the time efficient easy - your way would be your own way. :)

27th Oct 2003, 02:24
How do you get into the "speaker building" undetected? There's always Gestapo and SS in there that can see my spy.

27th Oct 2003, 05:30
Replying to your Speaker Building question:

This is the exact definition of a puzzle battle of Commandos. To finish this part of the leve you will require the following commandos:
*Spy with an Officer's uniform
*Tiny with a Karbine (3-6 rounds) and his trusty knife

The setup of the troopers, as I remember, follows as:
2 Gestapo Sgts
3 Officers (1 High Ranking)
6 Workers/Nazi activists

To begin with, use your spy to walk upto the two Nazi activists having a conversation to the left of the enternace. Notice that one activist maintains a patrol around the hall and would cause you great trouble. You would have to use the 'enemy vision' on one of the officers on the stage that is facing the left side. As you can see the officer's vision berally touches the two activists. Walk up towards the stage by the edge of the officer's field of view, not going inside of it but keeping close to the edge. Await the patrolling activist and distract him, ordering him to face away towards the stage - giving you the ideal workplace to begin your slaughter.
Note: Before entering Tiny, look up towards the stage and notice the Gestapo Sgt/Officer. This man would have the clear view of the entire hall, excluding the current position of your Spy, and could spot your Standing green berret - hence have him keep low.

Enter the hall crawling with Tiny. Slide up into the view of the two activists to the left of the enterance and have them attack you. They use fists, and your knife would elimite them quickly and silently (this is one reason why this game is a bit weaker than the C2 versions, the difficulty setting for AI is standard as idiots ;) ). Carry the misfortuned activists out of the hall and switch controls back to the Spy. Order the activist to come closer towards the enterance and face away. Have tiny complete his work on patrolling problem.

At this point you could walk your Spy out of the halls and bring Tiny back in, carrying a pack of cigarettes. Crawl upto the stage and into the view of the officer facing the left side, do not worry as the stage should protect your commando from his gaze even within his field of view. ;)

Throw the cigarettes close towards the curtains and the officer will make his way towards them and light up a smoke. Meanwhile crawl towards him, Note: Crawl, since one of the officers hidden behind the curtains has a slight slit of view onto your working area and could cause you trouble. Slit the backside of the necotine craving officer and finish off his high ranking kamerad.

From here you could start up a minor blood bath. Have Tiny crawl back the left stairs and make his way towards the Gestapo Sgt. and the activist. Note: Before coming too close, await the Getapo Stg. that could observe the entire hall to light up another cigarette and become distracted in a conversation with the hidden officer behind the curtains. A worker should be working along side the walls and will eventually spot Tiny (the dumb side of the AI will act up and he will run upto you alone ready for a fist fight). After dealing with him, quickly stab the Gestapo Sgt. and the activist and make your way behind the right stairs with your Karbine raised. Await for the Gestapo Sgt. up on stage to notice the dead bodies and make his way towards them, aim for his heart and fire. Continue the process for the remaining activist and last officer.
Note: Behind the curtains there will be a crate with an officer's uniform and poison, if you would like the countdown to begin you should take both these items. Also, making your way up the ladder and onto the roofs would be an ideal place to position your sniper.

That is all officer, Good Luck. :)

27th Oct 2003, 13:32
it took my longest time on this mission. some friends said that they killed only 8 people in the entire mission, but i really have no idea how to move ur spy with so many eyes watching. i dont know about u guys, but i have killed almost all the enemies to get to the snipe building.

27th Oct 2003, 15:52
I used the lobby of the center hall to take all of them around that house. You shall first clear the lobby by any means. I used Green to trick several Nazi technicians out of the door, punch them to the ground; then for those 2 offices and 1 Gestapo Sgt/1 technician who covers sight for each other, I used Sapper to throw the poison(it's very useful in such situation). After the lobby is cleared, just put your men in cover mode beside the door, send one person to the roof to attract the soldiers around that house. When they saw you, wait till their sights turn red or even fire at you, then change to crawl mode, go to cover the door to the roof(one or two times, there are too many soldiers flush in that my men in the lobby can't finish them all, so be prepared for them to access the roof). As the Patrol men/Gestapo Sgts/any Nazi soldiers enter the house, you men will kill them all to make a lobby of Nazi bodies! I have a screen saved in my game. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to put the image on this forum. So I host it on: http://www.pbase.com/image/22711497

27th Oct 2003, 21:26
Ok thanks Rammstein. I'm gonna try that way next time.
Haha nice picture bluesun.

I beat this level using only the bombs. I cleared out everyone from the construction site to the escape car. Cigarettes and the decoy work well here. Of course, leave the three men in the construction site alone unless you want to sound the alarm. Just grab the bombs when the gestapo isn't looking. After clearing out everyone in this area, I could kill the gestapo patrolling the steps of the speaker building, and the two men covering the corner where the general's car comes from. To eliminate the big patrol to the left of the speaker building, I threw a gas grenade at the southern most point of their route. They get knocked out, and Tiny runs in and knifes them all really fast. Then I planted the two bombs at the first intersection the general's car passes by, which is to the right of the speaker building. My men are all on guard mode on the steps of the speaker building, two covering the steps, and two covering the door to the speaker building. As the general's car passes by, I blow it up. This usually blows up the second bomb as well, and all the soldiers escorting the general. The sapper throws grenades at the general as he steps out of the blown up car. If the grenades don't get him, he should run past the steps of the speaker building and one of my men should shoot him. Pretty simple way eh?

27th Oct 2003, 23:24
If you look towards the easiest way, I'm sure you could simply prone your sapper towards the enterance gate and place a c4 explosive, await the general, and blow the man sky high! That would require you to kill maybe 5-10 soldiers. :p

28th Oct 2003, 06:11
From which building this general coming from?
and where do i get C4?

28th Oct 2003, 13:20
The general comes out of the building with all the guards standing by it. There's probably about 8-10 of them. The bombs are at the construction site. When you find the spy, go up the ladder and look south. There are two soldiers and one gestapo at the construction site. The bombs are in the crate.

28th Oct 2003, 23:14
Before actually playing the level, review the map! I do not recomment even attempting to touch those Gestapo escorts, simply place the bomb to where the general is heading - that would be the building right next to the construction yard. Simply place the trigger explosives (I call them C4s) in front of the enterance and await the little general.

That reminds me, do not leave anything suspecious as dead bodies around, that could cost you the entire mission! Throw them down the empty sewers if you have to, who'll ever find them down there. ;)

29th Oct 2003, 13:57
I have managed to kill the traitor, but I cannot escape from the map.

I was told to get into a kubbelwagon (or something) which I assume is a truck, So I get into the one at the top of the map but I don't know where to go or if this is even the correct vehicle.

Anyone got any help? :confused:

29th Oct 2003, 14:12
definitely the wrong one, because once u enter the kubbelwagon, the mission is finished. u dont need to drive it.
if im not mistaken, it should be located not far from the road which the traitor comes from

29th Oct 2003, 15:04
It is a small car on the otherside of the building where traitor come out.

29th Oct 2003, 17:32
Hi mates.

I cant kill the traitor, how do i plant the bomb with the sapper he will be seen.

So how do I do it?

29th Oct 2003, 21:21
Simple. Kill more guys =) The road where you come out of the sewers from, kill everyone to the right of that road. Shouldn't be too hard to do using cigarettes, the decoy, and the spy. All that is left alive on that side should just be the tank. Kill the lone gestapo patrolling the steps of the speaker building. Gas the patrol to the left of the speaker building, then slaughter them. Should be easy to figure out from there.

30th Oct 2003, 04:49
Ok i will try it,

but somebody can see me while i am killing them.

30th Oct 2003, 13:15
Killing who?

30th Oct 2003, 13:27
I found the quickest way to kill everyone outside was to sucker them into an ambush. They seem to be a lot easier to do this in C3 (which doesn't take away from mission points.. err.. wait.. .they took those away too ;) ) than in C2.

You can take out the entire patrol by dropping a dead body at the end of the street where they turn around and setting up an ambush from behind the fence.

The tops of the two buildings are easiest (get them coming up the ladder or through a door). Set up your men then fire off a pistol or drop a dead body where they will run into your gun fire.

You can almost entirely clean out that centre building by setting up an ambush outside (each side of the doors) and have Lupin run inside the building and out again ... they will shoot at him (and usually miss) which alerts everyone inside, and quickly run him outside. They all run outside into the ambush.

Don't take the things out of the boxes that starts the timer until you kill everyone... then save and you can kill that traitor in a number of ways :p

30th Oct 2003, 14:35
There's no need to eliminate the patrol. Just knock out the officer in the neigberhood than when you have the bombs sneak after the patrol with the sapper, plant the bombs and sneak away.

30th Oct 2003, 14:58
Originally posted by @m
There's no need to eliminate the patrol. Just knock out the officer in the neigberhood than when you have the bombs sneak after the patrol with the sapper, plant the bombs and sneak away.
True, but being one that loves to kill every enemy on the map, I'm just suggesting the easiest way to do it. ;) :D

30th Oct 2003, 18:16
Originally posted by WheresTheBeef
True, but being one that loves to kill every enemy on the map, I'm just suggesting the easiest way to do it. ;) :D

Well yeah, I try to kill/eliminate as few enemy's as possible. Didn't even took out the guys that where guarding the bombs. Just sneaked past them with the spy :D

Live and let live! ;)

31st Oct 2003, 05:34
Originally posted by Cooper_S
I have managed to kill the traitor, but I cannot escape from the map.

I was told to get into a kubbelwagon (or something) which I assume is a truck, So I get into the one at the top of the map but I don't know where to go or if this is even the correct vehicle.

Anyone got any help? :confused:

does this man never watch discovery channel?
a kubelwagen is a VW the one with the wheel on the bonnet....near the tank without the turret