View Full Version : Annoying View on switching commandos

26th Oct 2003, 14:39
Pls, Pls help anyone!

Anyone have the same problem?

No matter which level, indoor or outdoor; everytime you switch commandos, the angle of view, and the zoom settings that you have changed for specific commandos are being reset to game default view and angle.

It is very annoying and disturbing. Eveytime you switch, you have to re-set again the angle of view and zooming level that you did. Then, the commando you have in-view before switching has changed original position because of this reset.

It is a serious annoying bug. EIDOS pls patch this as soon as possible.:( :mad:

26th Oct 2003, 15:16
are being reset to game default view and angle
THIS is the most annoying part of the game so far and one would think an easy thing to correct in a patch...

26th Oct 2003, 21:27
Mine does that and freezes screens as you change views in them or is VERY slow on most missions. Have you noticed the interiors have a big problem. They are not stable and centered when you enter them and part of bleed off the screen so you always need ro zoom out and move the mouse to get them straight. A few interiors repond to the up and down arrows to tilt the view but one wonders is this a bug or normal. Should all interiors do this or what? Mouse action in moving around any screen is very slow so as to not react fast enough to the demands of the action.

Quite strange we should act as though buying software that doen't work after eagerly awaiting it and eagerly awaiting a patch to repair problems that should have been resolved in production is normal.