View Full Version : Need some help! Mission: "Get to the engine"

25th Oct 2003, 12:59
Ok im on this train and have killed everyone once, then the backup came and the only ones left from that are the soldiers sitting in the two train wagons with the art stuff in them.

cant figure out how to kill them...throwing a granade, will also destroy some of the art. just walking crawling in will get you killed ,definentaly! Using the Spy with diffrent kind of uniforms will get you killed (i have tried officer, liutenent, soldier) nothing works.

So now im asking you how to deal with this...=)

25th Oct 2003, 18:09
So the SS have already occupied the art train? I would restart the mission. Next time get lots of guns and defend the area that links the flatcars to the passenger cars. When the SS run through your men should mow them down. Keep two of your commandos stationed there, while the 3rd one advances to the front. You may have to switch them around guard duty if you need one of their special skills.

31st Oct 2003, 15:30
In one of the cars, one soldier walks around and smokes a sigaret once in a while. that is the window of oppertunity. be patient to look for him.

in the other car the spy can get in while a REGULAR soldier sees him. distract him and the rest is easy.

31st Oct 2003, 16:10
Leave the lieutenant on the flatcar alive, then the SS won't come out. Clear the train before go to the SS wagon, fill all the grenades in, and then enjoy the view of explosion in the small window.;)

31st Oct 2003, 17:34
I just ran Tiny in the Art car with his knife and ran around knifing them all lol. He didn't even lose 1/3 of his health :/

Come to think if it, I never even used Lupin or Spy until I killed almost everyone else on the train. Once I got the grenades, I ran back to the end of the train to the car with all the soldiers in it and naded them all. Tiny had no problem taking out everyone on the flatbed car. No support came after killing the LT.