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Tomb Raider Fan
25th Oct 2003, 12:48
When u click on a users profile it tells you info about them and it also tells u how many messages they have posted since they became a member. Yesterday my number of messages posted was around 1200. But today it has gone all the way down to 365...Why? Is it cos it's my b-day 2day? :D:D

25th Oct 2003, 13:58
287 for me... Hmm, I thought it was higher..

On the old boards, I was well on my way to 2000, so obviously I've stopped posting..

Oh well, I've been here longer than more than half of you.. ;)

26th Oct 2003, 04:29
Hmm...you might want to bring this up in the Main Eidos CC

And happy birthday! :D

26th Oct 2003, 10:49
Grey Mouser pruned old threads to reduce the size of the database.

Yes, and Happy Birthday.

Tomb Raider Fan
26th Oct 2003, 13:51
Thank You :D