View Full Version : Need Help in level 2 STALINGRAD

25th Oct 2003, 09:23
Hi folks,

After I maneged to finnish level 1 in stalingrad(it took me 2 days)
i thoght it will be the hardest level(stupid me) but here i am in level 2, i dont know what to do, i killed about 10 naziz but they keep coming...

can somebody give me tips, strategies or could tell me how to finnish this level/scenario?

25th Oct 2003, 11:55
Well make sure the Green Beret has the mini machine gun, it will provide some extra fire power which will be very usefull.

After a while I've putted my man like this:


The sniper and sapper on top of the roof (there's a ladder) with assault rifle and machine gun. And the GB covering with the mini-machine gun.

25th Oct 2003, 18:12
I ran the green beret and sapper to that same position at the start of the level. Be sure to stock up on grenades first by looking in crates. The sapper was providing covering fire in case any soldiers got through, while the green beret was throwing grenades at the patrols. The sniper is in the church tower, covering for anything. In between enemy patrols I killed the enemy sentries on the bridge with the sniper. And soon enough you get accross and win.

25th Oct 2003, 20:05
I killed all the naziz in the begining of the scenario(the first side of the bridg) and then the general said i need to get him to the plane, so how do i do it, there many naziz near the plane

26th Oct 2003, 06:10
It should be pretty easy to work your way down from the bridge. Just snipe guys that can see you. You should have a few grenades. Use those liberally.

26th Oct 2003, 11:56
I am out of sniper ammo but have 3 graneds.

27th Oct 2003, 16:25
You can get as many as 25 ammo for your sniper just before you acrossing the bridge. Maybe a little less than that, but definitely there would be enough ammo around. (I killed one enemy snipper or two to get a total of 25)
You can also use grenade, cocktail, a-p mine, and all kinds of weapons from the dead Nazi soldiers. Try to be familiar with different kinds of weapons and equipments and also remember to use the "cover" mode.

Good luck