View Full Version : What Gives Man?

25th Oct 2003, 07:58
on the 5th or so mission of central europe (the one where u have to ambush the convoy with the art) i have managed to kill every single person on the map but it wont complete the mission!?

everyone german in sight is dead... the tank and the light tank are detroted and i can get into the truck by the top left corner of the map but it cant drive it.... like wtf!??? any help?????

27th Oct 2003, 22:03
This has happened to me on the first Normandy mission. All tanks/vehicles are destroyed, all nazis are dead, all buildings that needed destroying (fuel tanks and munitions depot) have been blown into tiny bits. There is nothing left to do on this level...but the mission will not end.


28th Oct 2003, 01:05
it says hat u have to "recover the art" too... but how?... i assume the art is in the trucks, but when i try to get in any of them i cant budge them..... sooooo frustrating!