View Full Version : help with spy distract

25th Oct 2003, 02:19
Ok I'm playing the second tutorial mission. I knocked out the officer by the fountain took his uniform, donned it and waltzed inside the building. Now I I need to distract the soldier to get theif in. But there is no icon in the interface!

I looked at the FAQ on this forum and saw the screen shot, no icon like that shows up in my interface no matter what I do or click. I even went upstairs killed a second officer and stole his uniform. Still no icon.

I've reinstalled the game twice! What is going on?

Thanks anyone who can offer some help.
On a side note what is wrong with these forums? They make me login five times already. Never had a problem with vbb b4:/

25th Oct 2003, 04:09
Once you changed into a uniform as a spy, you will get a cloth hanger icon among the icons at the bottom of the screen. Right click on that cloth hanger icon and you will be able to get the distract icon.

25th Oct 2003, 06:25
thank you. you have no idea how frustrated i was:) i'll try it right now.