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25th Oct 2003, 00:36
I was exciting to get C3, I just finished the game today and came out disappointment. Sure its hard but that not the point of fun. Would I play C3 over again and again as many as I like as C2? No, cuz most of missions in C3 need to rush, not enough time to use all resources commandos can get, play by rules that programmers/desginers want us to do, short missions/game, and lesser features than what C2 have. I remember how much fun in C2 on Saving Private Smith, Castle Coldtez, and Burning Paris where I can managed to knock out 90% of enemies without killing then stacked up tied enemies and put exposives in middle to see all bodies fly or fire a gunshot to get enemy attention nearby to notice all tied up enemies together to untied them, they come out like worms and walk back to their postions without guns. Theres more to C2 than what C3 had. I thinkk C3 should be an expanison for C2 not a whole game. C3 is a limiting with rule by rule game, that where they kill the fun. When I completed whole game, I went "Was 45 dollars well spent?" Now C1 & C2 together are on sale at electronic bontique for $9.95, I recommend anyone who never play Commandos series before to get C1 & C2 rather than C3. If theres expanison for C3 or a new C4 game, I would be skepitcal and wait till I read all reviews or posts before rush to buy it. I admit I did enjoy a few missions in C3 but they are still not much cherish in fun as to C2.

25th Oct 2003, 01:48
then stacked up tied enemies and put exposives in middle to see all bodies fly

25th Oct 2003, 03:40
i wonder what would be my impressions of the game if i would have spend 70cdn on it :rolleyes:

25th Oct 2003, 23:18
Skoal- my sentiments exactly. C3 does not have the ability to be leisurely enjoyed as C2 did with its millios of ways to accomplish missions. My C3 has so may bugs now it just can't even be played- just lost the auto cover mode little orange cone on all weapons, all men, all missions. It is puzzling why anyone would say that groups of icons and icon clicking is faster than C2's hot keys. Hey experiment for yourself- you know. I lost count of bugs, screen freezes, stuttering screen movement and more. I waited like you did, eagerly and then we got a bag-o-bugs. To rationalize C3 is good and even better than C2 is bizarre. If it looks like manure, smells like manure and tastes like manure, guess what- IT'S MANURE!!

25th Oct 2003, 23:33
i know you're disappointed ol' chap but how many times are you going to repeat yourself? i doubt they'll do anything but clean up the most glaring bugs with a patch, they're certainly not going to rewrite the interface. my game seems fine to me and i'll live with the changes. perhaps the guys who detest this game should voice their complaints and move on. same diatribe over and over and over gets old....thanks

26th Oct 2003, 03:06
"voice their complaints and move on"

cool, one less _ i _ _ _ e _ d

<edit> i had to edit that because one of our more sensitive forum guests, s _ _ n, can't run with the big dogs...

26th Oct 2003, 21:29
I REALLY could care less what you say weiner. If you like a faulty game fine. I yours works why don't all of the replicated discs sold at retail? If you only wnat to have a forum with positive things take a look around. You'll have very few buggers to talk to.

26th Oct 2003, 21:39
i don't want to argue with you but allow me to put this another way. you like C2. as a matter of fact, it's obvious you like C2 alot. i know damn good and well that if we were back on the C2 forum and guys were comin' in and CONTINUALLY ragging on that game, you would be one of the first to say "ok, you don't like it! fine, hit the frickin road!"

26th Oct 2003, 21:50
If anyone was ragging in C2 because of problems of how to accomplish something I'd help them. The C3 forum is mostly not about how to accomplish missions it's about SERIOUS faults in production. I don't know where you were when the C2 forum 1st opened but there were no problems like this to get people frustrated after having just spent $50 for flawed software.

Unless the problems aren't hammered into them they might not do a complete fix. Other companies have put out weak patches not addressing all of the problems just to say "hey we made a patch." And I'll hit the road when I good and ready. :D

27th Oct 2003, 03:20
guys, enough ;)
if c2 is the best for you, then let it be so. i personaly like c3 more. and there is definately more ways to complete some of the missions in c3 then there was in c2. i still think it was worth the wait.
and twitch, it just doesnt looks right when you post negative opinion about c3. wel already know it after all :p once is enough.( and i dont want to offend you with this in any way)

27th Oct 2003, 18:49
David- that's cool I res[ect the fact that you are happy with the thing. But the people problems and those disappointed aren't going to go away. In fact as folks buy it they'll come here and let off steam of or be looking for answers on bugs. This will go on for a couple months so everyone may as well get used to it . When someone comes here for the 1st time and gets told to forget about the lack of hot keys we must realize it's his 1st exposure to the C3 thing and is looking for help or a place to register complaints. Being told to basically "shut up we already heard that is childish." I know you haven't done that but others have in the minority that like C3.

27th Oct 2003, 20:32
did someone tell the poor babies to shut up because they started yet another thread on missing hot keys? first, i never said shut up :D,and second, i never said it was childish. i think i used one of these words: asinine, moronic, laughable, belated, ha-ha...

oh, and let me add that i have just as much right to attack those attacking the game as they do to attack it...

29th Oct 2003, 00:21
You do have the right to say what you wish and I defend that. But if someone complains about the thing just don't read it. If they start a new thread so what? Let the thread police take care of that. :p

29th Oct 2003, 02:18
hey chainie, click here for support and answers to your intelligent questions...

29th Oct 2003, 02:56
Look here cowboy, i am guessing you are from the southern part of the united states... your statements are nothing to write home to mommy about pal anyone that is happy with 800x600 is a moron in my book period. Nothing you say will change that fact and the way you attack people who waisted money on this game just makes you more of a ***got.

29th Oct 2003, 03:23
if it is money that matters, then i understand you :)

29th Oct 2003, 11:32
not just the money, **** it, they're gone, let it be, can make others. It just the sentiment that i waited for nothing. **** IT, i think i'll play C1 and C2 again to forget what is happening.