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24th Oct 2003, 22:40
In the old Q&A thread Chris said that we could roam nosgoth ala SR1 and discover new secrets and goodies. Now a thing That confuses me here is you can't manually change character. At the last chapter of the game I'm assuming you're in control of KAIN (I don't know why I just do). What about if the raziel fans (like myself) want to explore nosgoth as raziel? Would There be a character select for the last chapter? Would you have to play the game through again and not proceed to the last chapter?

anyone have any ideas about this?

25th Oct 2003, 03:14
Well like in the game it is based on chapters, but you could still go back in certain areas of that chapter to gain anything you missed just like SR1. I don't think the end will have a character choice for you to pick I think the last chapter will have who ever at the end you just might have to wait and see when you play the game. The game will have each character at certain points when they finish a chapter, but when you go back to each character for example like Kain and he finished the stronghold chapter, but you can go back to that part if you missed something or there is some new secret to find just like Sr1. I had the strategy guide it showed at the of last boss level which you can then get new items like power ups and maybe new gylph powers. When I played it a second and third I just went out of order because you can do free roaming. Unlike Defiance you just switch off with characters thats all. When your at each character you do have free roaming in their area spot like Kain in one timeline area and Raziel to roam in the timeline he is in ok. If this is confusing well I tried ok fneh.:) :)

Kain The Ancient
25th Oct 2003, 03:58
The best way would be to keep a savegame at the last Raziel chapter , this way , you can load it all you want and explore the whole world (except the last chapter area) with Raziel.

I'ts not really worse than in Blood Omen , where you had to keep a savegame before the time shift if you wanted to be able to play Kain and make him roam all over nosgoth.

Hopefully they will have made the last two chapters short and story-oriented , meaning you won't have anything new to explore at that point , yet they could allow you to backtrack if you wanted.

25th Oct 2003, 06:10
Yes, I believe you'll have to have two saves if you want to do that. But you should have multiple saves in any game anyway, in case one becomes corrupt.

25th Oct 2003, 08:18
Originally posted by Nelo
What i am wondering is what you can do about tiemlines, like if kain is in the past when he travels to the future how can he get the powers up and such in the past?

I believe that the past section of the game will have very little secrets and part in the story; most of the story will take place in the BO era where most of the secrets will be.

25th Oct 2003, 22:34
Well can you go exploring the parts of Nosgoth that Kain went to?
i mean can Raziel explore Kains areas and so on?
does that make sense? or do i sound dumb?

~yours in blood~

25th Oct 2003, 23:01
Raziel will only be able to explore Kain's areas if he uses the Chronoplast or he shifts into the material realm. If you remember, SR2 left off with Kain and Raziel in the same place as the same time (*BO era*) but with Raz in the spectral and Kain in the material. Therefore, Raz couod explore the BO world provided he doesnt go back or forward in time. THe same applies for Kain.