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24th Oct 2003, 18:09
I just got a new system and I figured I'd play through this old classic yet again.

Now I used to have a geforce2 so I already knew about the 8-bit palettized test failure and about the patch to bypass that so I downloaded it and installed v 1.02 (both ff7.exe and ff7config.exe). I canchoose d3d just fine and I can enter the game, see the intro video and start a new game. But the background when I'm in the game is tiled (except for battle backgrounds which display fine)with the riva option checked and it's both tiled and has some missing texure with the tnt option is checked. So I figured I'd play software mode but th game crashes after about 5 seconds.

As for my tiling issue, I had already seen this back when I had a geforce2 after applying the tnt patch and all I had to do to fix it was go in my nvidia cp and put some option to center (the people on this forum had told me how to do it) but I don't see anything ressembling this in my radeon cp.

I'm using win98SE and I have d3d AA and Aniso turned off while OGl AA and Aniso are turned on but since this is d3d this shouldn't affect the game right ?

Anyway any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

24th Oct 2003, 19:31
I don't know about ATI....but as for the Geforce method. You didn't do it correctly.

You DL the TNT patch...
You copy over the FF7config.exe
You Ignore the FF7.exe from the patch.
The 8 bit pallet should say "Pass"
You don't check any Riva options
You just select the Hardware mode.

As for the ATI.....if the 8bit pallet is done correctly for the driver. The above methiod will work. If the 8 bit pallet is flawed....it won't. And that will be the fault of ATI. Nvidia's 8bit pallet was flawed for a very long time. Back then.

You would Download the TNT patch
You would Download Rivatuner
You would disable 8 bit pallet with Rivatuner.
You would copy over both FF7config.exe and FF7.exe.
You would make sure that the 8bit pallet said FAIL.
You would check the Riva options and TNT option
You would select the Hardware mode.

So you may need to find a program that will dig into the ATI drivers, like Rivatuner did with the Detonator drivers. But I don't know if such a third party software exists....I don't think one does.

24th Oct 2003, 21:51
I tried reinstalling the game and leaving the original exe in place but it still fails the 8-bit paletted test. And if I try to run in d3d without ff7.exe from the patch copied but with ff7 config copied, the screen is all black except for a few things (such as Cloud and a save point).

I've also looked for Radeon tuners and I've found a few but there's no mention in any of them of 8 bit paletizzed picture, they mostly seem to have overclocking features.

So I still have my tiling issue unfortunately but thanks anyway.

Anyone has any other ideas though ?

Oh and if it helps I'm using catalyst v3.8 and I still have a backed up copy of the original ff7.exe if needed (unpatched).

25th Oct 2003, 08:16
Radeon series do not support 8bit paletted textures. So you still need ff7.exe from the TNT patch. Check "TNT" and "NVIDIA" with ff7config 1.02. And disable AA and AF.

25th Oct 2003, 17:01
I've already done that.

Actually the TNT option looks a bit worse than the Riva one.

I currently have copied the patched ff7.exe as well.

edit : I got some help at some other place and someone with the same card as me said he had no trouble with car 3.6 while 3.8 had the same issue I did so I rolled back the driver and chose the TNT option and everything works fine now. So this must have been an issue with the new cat 3.8 drivers. SO thanks for your help.

9th Nov 2003, 05:30
New Cards Don't support 8-bit palette texture.

Playing FF7 on Radeon series (with Direct3D Config.) will cause Horizontal and vertical lines all over the screen.

Ati does not know how to fix it for their new cards (Customer Supporting are tough job.).

This is the last place for me to get the answer, now I guess it is hopeless.

11th Nov 2003, 22:47
only way to do it is to play the psx cd with an emulater in your pc, thats the only way to get good graphic.

13th Nov 2003, 17:53
Did you bother reading the edit in that last post?

Use the 3.6 drivers for the ATI card, with the complete TNT patch.