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24th Oct 2003, 14:33
Now i'm a big fan of the series (a little disappointed with 3, but i'll live) I've got into sniper position, blown up the car and killed everyone in the building he's suppose to be in, but i can't win. if i let the car drive to the building, it says the meeting has taken place even before the car gets turned around and i never see the general...any suggestions.

And yes i know how to play. i finished both earlier versions in a day or too. just stumpped on this one - is it a bug?

24th Oct 2003, 16:24
Very likely it is.

This game is buggy as hell the cover mode with sniper is worthless the damn sniper changes to a pistol when cover mode is engeged and u have to shoot manually with the rifle.

24th Oct 2003, 23:17
Dekkard- same thing happened to me. I've blown the car and the mission ends with no one getting out. I've had Spooky hang around and wait to "needle" him. Car makes U-tuns and parks missions ends. I had Tiny waiting in ambush and Inferno on the roof with grenades and Molotovs. Same deal- car parks game over. 2 of my 3 attempts are exactly what the "tip" screen says to do. Seems some have had fortune with the sniper but if the other 2 approved ways didn't work I don't know........:eek:

25th Oct 2003, 04:53
I picked up the remote controlled bombs in the crate at the construction site, and planted them at the crossroads between the main nazi building and the building the general comes out of. I hide my men on the stairs of the nazi building, and I detonate the bombs as the car rolls near them. The traitor should get out. Then I throw grenades at him and anyone else in the vacinity.

I'm curious, where is the sniper rifle? I think its in the main nazi building, but how do you get upstairs without pissing everyone off?

25th Oct 2003, 19:57
Did you put a bomb on the street where the tank without the turret is you mean? I put a bomb right by the broken tank and no go. Moved it to the corner- no go. Moved it to the place where he finaly parks- no go.

25th Oct 2003, 22:06
The sniper rifle is not in the main building but i don't know how to explain in which building it is. It's on the second floor in that building anyway.

Where is the officer uniform??

25th Oct 2003, 22:50
I've now tried everything I can think of even doing nothing to watch the scenario run through and the freakin guy NEVER gets out of the car. The mission ends in failure. BULLHOCKEY to this!!!

26th Oct 2003, 06:08
Hey wait a second. Are you detonating the bomb before he gets into the car? He first has to enter the car. Here's what happens. The car comes into the game area, it stops at the building with all the guards in front, the general steps in, then the car slowly moves with like six guys escorting it. I blow up the car when it comes to the intersection. The general always steps out (he looks like Gestapo) and I grenade him.

As for the officer uniform, there's a lot of officers to kill on this map.

26th Oct 2003, 10:11
i found the easiest method was to clear out the building that the General enters once the car arrives, then set up the "A" key facing the door where they all enter, Ambush them once the door opens and whala, get to the wagon and off you go. only took me 14 tins of Copenhagen and 36 bottles of water to get past it.

good luck hope this helps

26th Oct 2003, 11:05
Originally posted by Twitch
I've now tried everything I can think of even doing nothing to watch the scenario run through and the freakin guy NEVER gets out of the car. The mission ends in failure. BULLHOCKEY to this!!!

I've done the following, fist I cleared a part of the map (I went up where you find the Spy). Then I took the bombs with my spy (you'll note the crat if you scroll down a bit) by running and hiding (gestapo is there). I've placed a bomb in the middle on the road(just near the house where he will to in the end), just where you can't see the bomb because of a tree blocking your view, then I've placed a bomb a bit further just where gestapo can't see the sapper when you're lying down. Clear the building with the nazi flags inside and on the roof. When he comes, detonate the first bomb, then when he runs of to the house detonate the second and voila :)

26th Oct 2003, 12:34
Well , i just finished that level , u just wait with any of your soldiers with granede where he enter the building to discuss with the other ****ers :D
and throw at him the grenade... ull be suprise to find out that no1 will recognize u :d
btw , dont try to kill him when his on car with granede or bomb .. it wont go well..... Good luck! :D

26th Oct 2003, 21:40
Im my game the car drives in from off the map passing the broken tank without a turret makes a right turn, makes a U-turn and the game ends ???