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24th Oct 2003, 11:52
Well hello there!
I just played the second mission.
It i very hard for a 2nd mission.I got pretty far (i managed to take the bridge and the artilery gun.
You should take all you men in the room with the general and put them on cover mode.PIstols are good cause they have infinite ammo.The first wave will enter the room through the door leading directly outside.
I killed about 5-6 enemies with the sniper from the church tower so the first wave consisted only of about 4 Nazis.Take the weapons of the fallen enemies.
Next sneak your sniper past the artillery gun by going through the ruins on the left side of the map. Crawl until you are close to the bridge but still remain hidden. Use grenades to take out the biggest number of enemies possible. Hide him right next to the where no one can see him. Put him on cover mode with the SMG and hold the bridge (he can take out 4 Nazis and loose 1/6 of his life;he had about 120 round of ammo). Then use the GreenBeret and the Sapper to take out the rest of the germans on this side of the river, while the sniper provides cover by holding the bridge.

Search all houses for crates as there is a lot of usefull stuff there(Grenades, Molotov Cocktails,Sniper ammo)

I will keep you updated.
Muk4wak4 out

24th Oct 2003, 13:59
The first time I played this mission it took forever and I thought it was really hard. The second time however...
At the beginning I rushed the sniper to the ammo box by the church, then hid in the church tower. The green beret and sapper open the crate to the left of the fountain, then move straight down to the hiding spot in the bombed out building. From this position I was able to grenade all german patrols coming through with the green beret while the sapper and sniper provided covering fire. In between patrols I would use the sniper to kill everyone on the bridge. Eventually enough guys were killed so I could cross and kill everyone else relatively easily. It also helps if Tiny jumps over the bridge and uses the ravine to sneak attack behind them. There is a crate full of grenades on the 2nd floor of the building on the German side, rather tricky to get up there though.