View Full Version : Need HELP in 1 level In Stalingrad

24th Oct 2003, 10:30
Need HELP in 1 level In Stalingrad
how do i finnish it,
the snipers always kill me
please help.

24th Oct 2003, 13:12
Try using the houses, you can take out the sniper from a window on the second floor. (I used the house where the general is staying, but you have to be fast)

Good luck....

24th Oct 2003, 13:38
Always crawl, stay on the west side of the map and make sure you keep as far from the sniper as you can. (at one point you can crawl through a passage underneath some houses, if you don't do this the sniper might spot you)

When you reach the west side you can go south along the fence and then with some timing you should be able to get in range of the sniper while he is looking the other way, then shoot him and watch the cutscene. :)

24th Oct 2003, 14:03
It seems like the sniper changes position if you kill someone or move far away from your first position. When the enemy sniper moves to the top left corner of the building he is standing next to, it is easy to kill him by going into the building with the general, climbing the stairs, and shooting him from the right hand window. He should be facing to the left and not to the north so he shouldn't see you.