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23rd Oct 2003, 20:11
I bought the game thinking it would be the same as c 2 i was really pissed off,when i found no coop mode i hope they will patch the game .There are some of the younger players out there that dont apericate the tactical aspect of teaming up with friends to kick the crap out of the enemy.As of right now 81 percent of the people in here want the coop mode back in that should tell eidos something.its just unreal tournament in a different box.I do like the game but think eidos was amiss taking out the coop mode.if eidos is smart they will fix the coop with a patch and put out an expansion cd with more missions in a few months.To quote Dennis Miller "thats just my opion I could be wrong"

23rd Oct 2003, 21:20
Do understand that it is not Edios that has created this game. Pyro Studios are the creators, address your complaints over the co-op mode over to them! Email is a wonderful thing to use, and once their boxes are overflowing - there are two possiblities. One - they turn into Jowood and turn it off, or two - they listen. :)

23rd Oct 2003, 22:17
but you dont understand the fun you get when you play against each other!!!

23rd Oct 2003, 23:13
David, don't miss the point. It's an obvious nessessity that should come, but should come along with co-op. There is room for both, I don't understand why Pyro suddenly took a turn for the one side. It's so... unlike them.

24th Oct 2003, 07:56
send big files to pyro so their inbox limit is full:D

24th Oct 2003, 13:52
i sent emails to both eidos and pyro, your right there is room for both modes.Ijust know what the messege board is showing is that the majority of players would like to see coop mode.I have played deathmact and I can take it or leave it.its ok just i perfer to out think the game with a teamate or two