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23rd Oct 2003, 15:24
Well I thought I bring this up to some people knowledge if this game will be long enough to play. Some of you probably heard this before. I just wanted to be concerned about it because Sr2 was not long enough for me you can play it within six hours. Well I hope is long it should because you playing two characters instead of one. I have a game that required you to play 2 characters, but they were a team up than Kain and Raziel. Still was pretty lengthy for me.

Unholy Messiah
23rd Oct 2003, 16:48
Since it is a "mission" oriented system I highly doubt it will be 20-30 hours... I expect something the length of either SR2 or BO2...

23rd Oct 2003, 16:49
Originally posted by GawdDawgs
I think...and hope...Defiance will be roughly 20-30 hours of gameplay, similar to the length of BO2.


Ken Cow!
23rd Oct 2003, 18:04
I'm sure this game will be as long as you want it to be, since it follows the formula for SR1. Here is my guesstimate:

first time through the game: 20 hrs
second time, searching for all secrets, bactracking, stopping to smell the flowers and gaze in awe at the beautiful architecture and environments: 35 hrs
third time, to get a better understanding of the plot: 12 hrs
fourth time, perfecting your skill with TK as to perform some devastating combos and come up with your own (dribble Janos like a basketball!): 17 hrs

But remember that quality is better than quantity.
You could be enjoying every minute of Defiance (aside from maybe the puzzles after you've solved them three times or so) or trudging through a Final Fantasy game's menus, loading times, aimless conversations, repetitive summons, shop screens, equip screens, random battles e.t.c.

(Not to dis FF or anything, I love it but think it needs a serious overhaul)

23rd Oct 2003, 18:11
I don't care.

Even if it's a hour long, it's going to be the best damned hour of my life!

23rd Oct 2003, 18:44
Originally posted by Omega
I don't care.

Even if it's a hour long, it's going to be the best damned hour of my life!

An hour?
Ok, lets not overreact here now.

23rd Oct 2003, 19:56
I heard some where that:

You finish mission, lets say, Escape from the Underworld. Its only short if you want it to, because you can freeroam yourself. Im making the assumption that the world will be huge and deep, because otherwize the game would be short.

Unholy Messiah
23rd Oct 2003, 20:46
Originally posted by GawdDawgs
SR2 and BO2 have drastically different gameplay length times. BO2 is arguably twice, to three times as long as SR2 is. In fact, SR2 is roughly 12 hours first time, 6 after that, while BO2 is roughly 20 to 25 hours.

Who took 20-25 hours to beat BO2?... It took me roughly 8-12 hours to beat that game the first time through and that is including the numerous times it decided to lock up on me and I had to replay 1/4 of the way back through whatever level I was on at the time...

23rd Oct 2003, 20:52
From what I've seen of Defiance so far, I think the playing time will be more than SR2 and BO2 not because of the missions but because of the new combat system and massive freeroaming landscape, not to mention the numerous secrets you can unlock in the process. Defiance, in my assumption, will be the best LoK game to date :)


23rd Oct 2003, 21:25
Originally posted by Erving JeansBgone
to be honest i hope it will be longer then any other lok game and i hope it wont have the same glich like sr2 had concerning the gforce4 or the ati radeon 9600,(ex: it forze right affter completing the dark forge when you started to speak to vorador, of when you looked at yanos`s place and kain showd up) and will someone explain this mission stuff to me please couse i dont get it. What,is it going to be like you start one you complete it ,then another one loads and so on and so forth? or is it gona be like sr2?

It's going to have chapters but not levels.

Essentially, there's one world. The world is divided into areas, and some areas you can go to and some you can't at the beginning. As you get more powers, more areas become available.

Then, there's the chapters. From what I understand, a chapter is, roughly, the space between two cut-scenes. The game is divided into a series of chapters. But while you're in a chapter, you can still go back to any previous area of the world you've been to already, because the chapters are story-based rather than location-based.

It's also possible that maybe some areas will become inaccessible as the story goes on -- perhaps there's a temple or something and you have to blow it up, so afterwards you can't go back in. I'm guessing here, of course.

So it's going to be more like Soul Reaver 1 than Blood Omen 2.

Kain The Ancient
23rd Oct 2003, 21:32
The game is not mission based , but chapter based. The chapters are when you change characters , so they are story-based chapters , not gameplay based ones. You have one chapter where you play Kain ,then one where you play as Raziel , and so on.

I see the actual gameplay more akin to Soul Reaver 1 (You explore the world) but as you do something (an event like going to one place and killing someone for example), the chapter will end and you will get to play the other character , sometimes continuing directly where the other character left off , other times far away , even in a distant time.

I'ts not like BO2 where the gameworld was divided into levels , or "Missions" you had to finish , i'ts just a big world , but where you change characters at fixed points to further the story.

23rd Oct 2003, 22:32
Well i am glad to hear you have to explore the game to get far. Yall mentioned when you get new abilites, you can goback and access other areas. That is like SR1. SR2 is kinda like that. I rathered the SR1 "progression stystem." You can to explore the hell out of the map to get somewhere. I like the plot out of any things on the SR series. Gameplay is always great but the story is what keeps me coming back.

BTW, about SR2/ does anybody else thing the game is waaaaay to dark. I mean damn....when im in the water it is horrible. It's not like the light reaver helps alot.

also Kain The Ancient, what are the "people" in ya avatar. one to the right looks like raziel as a vampire.

23rd Oct 2003, 23:11
Originally posted by RagunCajun
BTW, about SR2/ does anybody else thing the game is waaaaay to dark. I mean damn....when im in the water it is horrible. It's not like the light reaver helps alot.

I agree. It's way too dark in some places. I found the light reaver helped a bit, but that caused problems when you have to go to a dark place with no light reaver.

also Kain The Ancient, what are the "people" in ya avatar. one to the right looks like raziel as a vampire.

Those are Turel, Melchiah, Rahab, and Raziel, all back when they were Kain's lieutenants.

23rd Oct 2003, 23:13
I was concerned about the length until I realised that unlike SR, SR2 and BO2, this game looks like it will have great replay value. Not that I haven't replayed them all more than my fair share, but even with the lower graphics quality I'd rather play BO.

23rd Oct 2003, 23:17
Just some fun facts for game length reference...

Super Mario Bros 3 can be beaten in 1:13:19 (1 hour, 13 minutes, 19 seconds. That's running through the game as fast as possible while still completing every single level of every single world, and beating up those Hammer guys that shift around. This time is from a flawless run which circulates the internet in video form (472mb long)

The Second Quest of The Legend of Zelda (original one for NES) can be beaten in 42:11 (42 minutes, 11 seconds) WITHOUT USING A SWORD (& actually he never picks up a heart container either). Although it's not a technical win because to beat Ganon you need a sword. This demo is basically getting all the way up to Ganon and then dieing to him. First Quest is even easier, so probably faster. And all without a Sword!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

23rd Oct 2003, 23:19
The only problem i see with a chapter based adventure is the continuity. Its like, when u finish one chapter it jumps over to another character who's story is nothing like the previous one. Take Kain for example, chasing through the Sarafan stronghold, you finish the chapter and your stuck with Raziel in the future with an unrelated chapter. Its just doesn't continue right. Now think ahead quite far into the game when they are both on clearly defined seperate missions which you're really enjoying and are engrossed into the story of that character. You really only need to meet Kain to talk for abit. As you jump back and forward between them, the stories will lack continuity. It maybe my alcohol ridden mind but i think it will mess the continuity and flow of the gameplay up abit?

Kain The Ancient
24th Oct 2003, 00:06
It won't be confusing at all if it's done right.

Take the Star Wars movies as an example , there's always a few things going on at the same time , especially at the end , things like a space battle , a lightsaber battle and a ground battle , each with different characters involved. I'ts like three stories are happening at the same time , yet it is easy for the viewer to understand what's going on, as these three stories are intertwined and divided into small parts and reach their conclusion at the about the same time.

Defiance will probably start like that , having Kain and Raziel doing things at the same time , but in different timelines/locations , and eventually , they will meet and at this point the chapter division will be much clearer , since the next chapter will start right after the previous one , but with a different character as the playable character.

What I would really like would be if the game was divided kinda like Pulp Fiction , but instead of putting it in disorder just for the sake of good storytelling , it would be because it would follow the actual timeline , hence you would start the game at the earlyest point of Nosgoth's past and end the game at the latest point , and it would be to the player to tie the eras , the changes that occur and everything. It would be confusing as hell , but I love confusing stuff.

24th Oct 2003, 00:55
Originally posted by Nelo
umm i take it you missed the whole fact that there stories intertwine.

No i never missed this fact, i'm simply stepping out of the box to assume that there stories won't be indentical because if they are its pretty pointless to play as 2 characters. Might as well use one. If they aren't identical then the flow and continuity will clash.

24th Oct 2003, 05:32
Since i only beat SR1 and im curently working on SR2, i was wondering baout BO2. I love the gameplay and story of SR and i might buy BO2. Do you guys think i should get it. Please give me all yya opinions on this good or bad. BTW, im getting LOKD no matter what.

24th Oct 2003, 06:06
Originally posted by RagunCajun
Since i only beat SR1 and im curently working on SR2, i was wondering baout BO2. I love the gameplay and story of SR and i might buy BO2. Do you guys think i should get it. Please give me all yya opinions on this good or bad. BTW, im getting LOKD no matter what.

About three weeks ago I beat SR2, and then I immediately went online to purchase BO2. I just finished it Sunday night I think. I hated it. Compared to SR2, BO2 just pales in comparison. After level 3 I felt the game was just DRAGGING. this is probably due to the gameplay consisting of mindless combat, and then even more mindless non-combat. if you aren't in combat, you are running in the only possible direction, or pulling the only possible lever or switch. the times you actually need to use your gifts are made obvious, so there's no real puzzles at all in BO2. the storyline isn't even really moved along at all in BO2 except for the Hylden part, which you can pickup just reading about the game. the controls are also not as nice as SR2.

oh, i said it felt like it was dragging from level 3 onward and there are (# levels -->) 12 levels so i was REALLY wanting it to just END.

actually, now that i wrote this, the only puzzles to the game i guess would be figuring out how to defeat the bosses. they were the only parts of the game i found enjoyable.

i guess i'm so harsh on BO2 cuz i had just finished SR2 and BO2 was SUCH a letdown. the one redeeming feature of BO2 is the pricetag. CHEAP.

24th Oct 2003, 20:57
i personally think BO2 was too short...

i want defiance to be 20-30 weeks!!!!!!!!