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23rd Oct 2003, 15:14
Almost every game I have ever played where you could chose the gender of the player you will be playing, the gender you play doesn't really affect anything in the game.

I have faith in the producers of DX that they will throw in elements of how a players gender would affect the game.

I'm hoping they will include, say as a female, that you can seduce the bouncer to get into the bar. Or as a male you can intimidate the scrawny guy to give up infomation.

What I don't want to see, and they have done this in many games, is say, at the bar where as a female you would seduce the bouncer, when you play a male, its the exact same scenario, except you would be seducing a female bouncer.

When you play as a male or female, I wouldn't say the game should be completelly different, but there should be elements that will be completelly different from one game to the next.

Playing as a girl, I'd love to listen over to a few guards and hear "Sure she's hot, but she's dangerous"

23rd Oct 2003, 15:21
They said in an interview that it would change some dialogue.

23rd Oct 2003, 15:24
approximately 1/3 of the dialogue. We don't know how much of that dialogue will really affect the game however, still, thats about 10000 lines of dialogue changed.

23rd Oct 2003, 15:29
I imagine that alot of that is just enemies noting the fact that Alex is female. (Hey baby, whats your name instead of who are you)

23rd Oct 2003, 16:30

You'll even notice subtle differences between playing as a male or a female.

23rd Oct 2003, 18:02
Subtle differences - that's the key.

23rd Oct 2003, 21:24
I can't help but notice that the example listed had the female character in a sexual role and the male character in an aggressive role. Come on! Give us gamergirls a break. Why wouldn't the female character denigrate the jerk of a bouncer or punch him in the face for his rude comments? Maybe have the male Alex try to seduce the female bouncer? That'd be far more fun! hahaha


23rd Oct 2003, 21:55
and then eventually some people will start arguing that you should be able to seduce whomever you want regardless of gender :D

Frost Giant
23rd Oct 2003, 22:02
Originally posted by gamergirl
I can't help but notice that the example listed had the female character in a sexual role and the male character in an aggressive role. Come on! Give us gamergirls a break. Why wouldn't the female character denigrate the jerk of a bouncer or punch him in the face for his rude comments? Maybe have the male Alex try to seduce the female bouncer? That'd be far more fun! hahaha :D

Good point, but remember that if a male Alex tries to seduce a female bouncer that would be unrealistic. Here's why, men are easier to seduce than women. If a man tried to seduce a woman right off the bat she would realize his intensions and it would not work (if she's not promiscously slutty). On the other hand, men are a LOT easier to seduce and thus it would be more realistic to have a man be seduced by a woman because she knows that men have a weakness when it comes to sex and she taks advantage of that weakness. She could also kick his ass as you say, both work just as well for a female Alex. But for a male Alex it would not work well if he were to try to seduce a female bouncer. On the other hand if that bouncer was a gay male bouncer it would work better. (please note: I am not gay, I love women this is ONLY an example. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, it's just not for me. I do not dislike gays. In fact, the more gays the better, that means there are more women that are available and less competition from other males seeking her tenderness, or strength. Thank you) Now back to the topic, men are easier to seduce because it is hard wired into us to be more "opportunistic" when it comes to sex despite of sexual orientation. I hope you see my point, Gamergirl;) , and I believe you will. Call it a "gut" feeling.

Big Ragu
27th Oct 2003, 03:35
Or maybe, you should be able to choose what you do to the bouncer. Have I dialouge choice that leads to seducing and a line that leads to an ass beating.

27th Oct 2003, 03:48
Or blowing his brains out, then using an illegal biomod to leech some health off his bloody carcass.

See? Gaming is for EVERYONE, boys and girls!

The Grimpond
27th Oct 2003, 06:33
Gender: will it make a difference?
Answer: Probably Not.

27th Oct 2003, 09:11
The Grimpond, do you read threads before answering?

(or interviews, at least?)

Amazon Warrior
27th Oct 2003, 15:57
This is something I have been thinking about a fair bit since I found out about it. I'm female, so from that point of view, having a female option is intriguing, but only if its done well. I have to say that my first (and only) meeting with Lara Croft ended in her timely demise in a big pool of quicksand. Repeatedly. :D I think Frost Giant made a good point tho. If the male and female characters acted as 'neuters' or crossed gender boundaries, the experience would be less convincing for both sexes. However, as a member of the 'fairer' sex, I'd like to not _have_ to play the stupid bimbo role. I like the way NOLF handles its female character- she can be as meek or as sassy as you want her to be during conversations, and enemies reactions to a female operative are well done. (I haven't played it through yet tho. So many games, so little time! ;))

Funny thing is, tho I intend to play through as both male and female to find out what changes are made, I'll probably play as the male character first, since game developers are more used to coding the male range of responses to situations, and seem in general to have a better grasp of interactions from a male pov. Possibly I'll find the game more enjoyable, not cos I secretly want to be a bloke, but because its what I'm used to as a female gamer in a (mainly) masculine world, and I think it might be what the devs are better at. Ergo, a better (more enjoyable?) game will be had. Plus all those random comedy moments that result from being an unknown female in a male scenario! ;) However, having said that, I'll be glad to be proved wrong, and I sincerely hope that both gender choices are equally excellent. I will be disappointed if they're not.:)

But I did discover some interesting things
Ooooh! Do tell! Share the wealth. :cool:

Big Ragu
27th Oct 2003, 23:23
Well, boys and girls, gather round and hear my sad story.

I was pressured into infiltrating the Ion Storm Austin Compund by some of the other forum visiters, seeing that I lived 15 minutes from Ion Storm. I was dropped off near the outer perimeter of the building. I then made my way, stealthily, cautiously, toward a small window that lead to the basement (yes, there's a basement). I cut out the glass of the window then slipped in. I looked around after slipping on my nightvision goggles. I was immediatly confronted with something I never thought my eyes would ever see, before my eyes was something so amazing, so incredible, so unimaginably tremendous...

...just kidding, there was nothing in the basement. So I made why way to the entrance to the basement so I could ascend to the first floor. That's when I saw the first of the laser trip wires. I didn't expect this kind of security, but I was determined to get this forum some real "insider" information. I carefully manuvered myself throught the lasers and picked the lock on the door. I slowly opened it peering out into the hallway to check for guards. I couldn't help hear what sounded like heavy thuds all throughout the building. I paid no attention to it and continued on. After checking some of the rooms, I quickly realized that this floor didn't contain developing information, it was more of a financial floor, so I started to look for the staircase that lead to the game development floors. That's when I heard a set of four paws break into a run behind me, quickly coming closer...

To be continued...

Amazon Warrior
28th Oct 2003, 02:04
*on edge of seat, holding breath*


Big Ragu
28th Oct 2003, 22:55

I quickly turned around to see a Doberman in full sprint quickly closing the gap between us. I didn't bring any weapons, but I did happen to have a bag of Snausages with me. I whipped out the bag and threw them at the guard dog. He was quickly over come by the power of the Snausage, and started to ferociusly devour them. This gave me enough time to escape around the hall corner and found the staircase. I cautiously moved up the stairs, not knowing what I could find. While I was ascending, I then noticed the thuds coming from above, getting louder, and occasionally heard a metallic voice say something that wasn't understandable. I continued upward till I reached the 4th floor, I stopped here after noticing the door was different then the ones that preceeded it. This seemed to be a heavier, stonger steel door. Its multiple locks which I quickly picked. As I slowly opened the door, I was confronted face to face with a camera. I ducked back behind the door, then peered out again. As it was scanning, I ran underneath it's blind spot. While waiting, I heard two voices coming down the hall. I waited for the right moment and ran down the opposite hallway and out of sight just as two guards rounded the corner on their patrol.

I looked around. This floor was much different than the lower stories, it had a much darker feel. The floor was concrete, and the walls were left unpainted. I was slowly sneaking down a hall when, from behind, the same dark metallic voice I had heard from the stairs spoke right behind me...

To be continued...

29th Oct 2003, 04:26
I'm actually interested.

29th Oct 2003, 04:37
Amazingly enough, so am I...

Please continue, Big Ragu.

Frost Giant
29th Oct 2003, 16:36
Don't you see that Big Ragu is a magician of words? The number one rule of a magician is to always leave the audience wanting more, and he is following the rule to the letter. Nice work Big Ragu!;)

Big Ragu
29th Oct 2003, 22:59

"Target located." I quickly turned around only to find a security bot standing down the hall. I had to think fast and find a way out of this situation. It was as if it was in slow motion. I could hear its gun preparing to fire, the sound of a cocking weapon only hastened my actions. There were no doors, no halls, no escapes I could see, but one. I saw my chance and frantically took it. I immedialy set off into a sprint down the hall as the machine gun opened fire. The bullets were hitting all around me, plaster from the walls was flying in my face, I could hear the shell casings hitting the ground in a constant stream. I dove into a feet first slide to the one thing I was focused on. I hit the vent cover going as fast as I could, immediatly breaking through as the bullets became more focused on my position. I had to crawl another 10 feet before I was out of the bots field of fire, but it stopped firing once I was in the vent.

I laid there in the vent to catch my breathe, thinking I was out of the woods, thinking that I was alright. But what I didn't realize was that the vents were not safe, and I was definently not alright.

I looked over my body to check if I had been hit by the bots fire. But I found no injuries worse than cuts on my face from debris off of the walls when the bullets were hitting beside my head. I realized I couldn't go back the way I came so I must crawl through the vents and come out at another location. The vents were dark and cold, I had to feel my way through the maze. It was about 45 min. until I heard the first ones. They sounded like tapping on metal. I continued on just thinking it was part of the airconditioning, but in the dark, your other senses take up the slack that is dropped by loss of sight. My hearing soon became acute and I could tell which direction the tapping was coming from, and how far. It is when I was resting and the tapping split off in three different directions I knew something was wrong.

I listened a few more minutes as the tapping moved throughout the vents, I knew I had to find a way out, and fast. I quickly crawled through the ventilation system, turn after turn, but the tapping seemed to get closer every second. It was behind me, beside me, in front of me, all around me and all closing in. I didn't know where to go, what to do, no matter what, they came closer. Closer and closer, louder and louder, I could here them coming down the vents that I just came from, and the vents I would run into to. I was thinking as fast as I could because I knew in a few seconds, they would be where I was now, whatever they were. Thoughts were flying in and out of my head as I analyzed my situation. Until all the tapping suddenly stopped, right beside me...

To be continued...

29th Oct 2003, 23:31

Hell Knight
31st Oct 2003, 02:27
This is great!!!!! :D

I'm on the edge of my seat!!

Whoops! Argh!!!

31st Oct 2003, 03:02
*Remembers to breath*

*Catches Breath*

Please, Continue

Big Ragu
31st Oct 2003, 03:48

I had a few seconds before they hit, a few seconds to sit there listening to my breath quiver, waiting. It all hit at once, one coordinated blow. Arcs of electricity flew through the air into my body. The thing about being electricuted is that you feel all the pain, there is no blur of the moment, you just are there feeling and thinking about the pain that is running through you. But then I remembered the one thing that saved my life...

My mother always told me how I should use Bounce, having static free clothing really sets a good frist impression. Well I took this to heart, and I always carried a few extra sheets with me, just in case I have a flair up of static, of course.

It seemed to take me forever to reach down to my pocket to pull out the saviorific sheets of static reducing powers. Figthing my spasming muscles, I finally grabbed hold of the sheets and thrust them towards the spider-bots. The sheets became so charged with electricity, that when they hit them, the botss short circuited themselves.

But I knew more would be on the way soon, and could be here at any time. I learned that navigating tha ventilation system would be useless, so I started thinking of a way out. Then it hit me. I pressed on the wall of the vent shaft, and as I expected it bent inward showing me that the metal was very thin. I prooped my body, still shaking from the voltage that passed through it, against one of the walls and kicked as hard as I could. The wall snaaped on one side and I was able to bend a hole large enough so I could squeeze through. I looked down, but couldn't see anything, but I knew I had no choice. I slipped through feet first and expected to be able to place my feet on something firm, but to my surprise, I dangled their. I was thinking what to do when my nightmares came true. I heard a tapping sound coming from down the vent. I wasn't going to wait another second. I let go and fell, to my relief, only a few feet, but of course I fell through that and crashed through the ceiling of one of the floors. I hit the ground and had the air knocked out of me. I was blinded by the dust that was still settling around me. While coughing, I tried to wipe my eyes off. I looked up and through the blur of my vision, I saw to dark figures running down the hall straight towards me.

I had no time to think, I had to get up and run in the opposite direction no matter what I ran into. I was still partially blinded by the dust, but I was able to tell when a turn was coming up. When I fisrt saw my pusuers, they were probably around 45 feet from me, but now when I look back, they've seemed to cut that in half. I was sprinting as hard as I could when, from behind, something peirced the back of my neck...

To be continued...

Amazon Warrior
2nd Nov 2003, 23:49
Thanks to you, I have no finger-nails now!

Keep going!!!


Big Ragu
3rd Nov 2003, 00:45

I woke up in the cell with a painful sting in the back of my neck. I looked around the empty room not knowing how I got there. One side of the cell had a plexi glass window that looked into a hall with other cells. There was only a sink, a toilet and a bed, all stained from god only knows. I was looking around still not knowing what happened, when I heard something in my head talk.

"Mr. Ragu, it is imperative you escape, the Eidos Forum needs information on IW."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Did I have an infolink?

"Who is this? How do I hear you? Is this some form of actual infolink surgically implanted by Ion Storm, or maybe some classified government group, in order to see how it would function?"

"No, they just gave you some drugs and you're really just hearing voices in your head."


"But that is beside the point, the drugs they gave will make it possible for you to escape."

"Really, are you gonna cut the power to the door and I'm gonna run out with a terrorist named Miguel?!"

"No, you are going to run at the plexiglass window until it breaks."


"Hurry, the guard is making a shift change, you only have a few minutes."

"How do you know that? I don't know that, so how would my drug induced voice know that?"

"I don't, but it does add suspense, eh."


I took one look at the window then ran as fast as I could at it. Gaining speed, I threw my shoulder down and made contact. One solitairy crack split across the window. I walked back and repeated this process over and over until, finally, I cracked a hole large enough I could get out. I stuck my head through to check if the coast was clear, and to my luck, there were no signs of guards. I fit myself through the hole and started to make my way down the hall. I made one turn and was immediatly confonted by a guard who was making his way checking the cells. I could tell I startled him as he jumped in the air before taking his baton out. He swung for my head, but I ducked down just in time to miss the blow. I came up with an upper cut to his crouch, which immedialty took him out of commision. I hit him once more it the head for good measure, took his baton and continued on my way. My mission was now primarily to get out of this place, and secondarily to get the info. I was looking for a stairwell to make my escape when I noticed a sign on the wall that said "Warren's Quaters -->". The arrow pointed down a hallway that was only a few yards long, and ended in, what looked like, just wall. I walked down the hallway and examined the end wall, looking for some sign of passage way. Then, from behind, I heard they same metallic voice that I heard earlier on my mission. I turned around expecting a security bot, but what I saw was far worse than a security bot...

To be Concluded ...

3rd Nov 2003, 01:15
I bet its a dude in a heavy Exosuit. But, we get the final update soon, where the secret will be reavealed.

Frost Giant
3rd Nov 2003, 21:07
Originally posted by AlteredGlyph
I bet its a dude in a heavy Exosuit. But, we get the final update soon, where the secret will be reavealed.
Or it may be a woodchuck in a heavy exosuit with red demonic eyes and a bad odor which threatens to melt one's nose and lungs.

3rd Nov 2003, 21:31
Careful...never know when the Oracle is watching. He doesn't like the topic of w**dch*cks.

Frost Giant
3rd Nov 2003, 22:43
Originally posted by gareis
Careful...never know when the Oracle is watching. He doesn't like the topic of w**dch*cks.

Who is this Oracle of which you speak? And who would he not like woodchucks?

4th Nov 2003, 01:14
The Internet Oracle, who answers all questions but the w**dch*ck question. Whenever he hears that, the supplicant gets zotted.

James Warren
4th Nov 2003, 02:41
Mommy can I have a drink of water while we are waiting for Daddy to finish the story?

4th Nov 2003, 09:05
Originally posted by James Warren
Mommy can I have a drink of water while we are waiting for Daddy to finish the story?

do you miss 2 health points?

4th Nov 2003, 14:19
Doesn't a single drink of water heal 1 health point ?

4th Nov 2003, 15:58
well, yes.
but you usually drink more than just once.

Amazon Warrior
4th Nov 2003, 17:21
you usually drink more than just once.
Yep! Especially if there's an alcohol component involved! :p

*bounces up and down excitedly, causing suspicious stares from other people in the computer lab*

C'mon Big Ragu!

[The Oracle would like to know how you feel about the colour blue...]

4th Nov 2003, 19:03
But you don't usually drink twice either, you usually do it about 20 times per water cooler...
Seriously, it's good there was noone else in the room when I read this post. Was this induced by the "...1000 reasons..." thread ?

4th Nov 2003, 21:36




This is really starting to look like spam, so i'll add a little usefull thought in here.

Nice story big ragu!!!

Amazon Warrior
4th Nov 2003, 21:45
You're just showing off now...
:cool: :D

4th Nov 2003, 23:04
Where is Big Ragu? Its been two days...

*activates ballistic protection for fear of angry message*

Big Ragu
5th Nov 2003, 00:27

When I first saw them, it didn’t hit me how big a problem they were. I didn’t realize the scope of the fight I would have to take part in. At the end of the hall, 4 men in suits stood there carrying some form of heavy weapons, seeming to wait for something. I started to realize what they were, their gray skin, their emotionless face. I knew they were androids. As I watched and waited, two more walked up behind them, then two more. There were 8 men in black staring at me through their darkened sunglasses. They moved as one, all raising their guns towards me in one movement. They paused another second and I waited. Then, one of them looked over at the sign on the wall, looked back at the others, then lowered his weapons. The rest lowered theirs as well and I thought that finally I had a bit of luck, they weren’t able to shoot me because I was somehow close to the Warren’s quarters. I half smile crept over my face as I could tell they were thinking of what they could do to me. Then, with one movement, my smile vanished. They all pulled out a handle of something. A streak of blue light flashed out of the handle and stopped making the blade of my nightmare. 8 men in black with 8 nano swords against me, who had nothing.
They slowly started to make their way down the hall, which was only 15 or so yards long. I had no plans, no ideas, no course of actions. I just watched as the 8 machines walked closer to me. I quickly turned my attention back to the wall behind me. Somehow it could take me to Warren’s quarters, but I couldn’t find how. I looked hard and noticed a small slot almost directly in the center of the wall. I almost immediately knew what must go in it, but it would be impossible. I again faced the androids as they came closer. I got down on my knees, and waited for them to reach me. I had given up hope, all this for a game, all my life for a game. I was staring at the floor thinking of the first game I ever played, quite stupid tho think of that before I die, but I couldn’t help it. It was Commander Keen, the game that started my obsession, and would eventually lead to my demise. I was still thinking when I saw black dress shoes step into my view. I looked up just as the man in black swung back. I remember the blue glow the sword created, how it moved through the air. As the sword came back towards my head, I thought of only one thing.
The blade came within millimeters of my head, as I remember feeling it go through my hair. I moved my head right before I was executed. In one flawless motion, I stood up, grabbed the androids hand as it was still in motion of the swing, and shoved the blade through his neck. I pulled the sword out as the machine’s body went limp. The man in black was falling down as I kicked him into the group of other men in black. I shoved the sword into the slot in the wall and pulled it out. The wall quickly rose up and I jumped through. As the wall went back down, I heard the explosion of the man in black I killed. That explosion was followed by more, one, three, five, and finally seven. They had all exploded, and I was now in the one place of my dreams, Warren’s bedroom. Well, that didn’t come out right, but you got the jiff. I looked around, everything was neat and organized. I immediately went to work looking for information on IW. I checked drawers, closets, under his bed, everywhere. Then, I noticed something while walking around. One spot of the floor sounded hollow. I knelt over and lifted the section up. Inside this secret compartment was something that made me feel like a little schoolgirl again…uhh forget that. The one thing that was in there was a CD, a CD labeled “Invisible War Beta”. I quickly snatched it up.

/\Elsewhere in the building\/

“Sir!!! The intruder has made it into your quarters!”

“What!? How!? Nevermind, send everything we have!”

“Yes sir, but…”

“But what?”

“Sir, he has taken out almost all of out security forces.”


“A few Snausages, a few Bounce sheets, and quick thinking.”

“Damn, I want you to take these gas grenades and flood my room with them, when he is unconscious, bring him to me.”
“Yes sir!”

/\Back in Warren’s quarters\/

I just finished performing the most important task of my life when the grenades flew in. I had no time to react, the toxic fumes billowed out of the canisters and I slipped out of consciousness. I woke up in a room that was very dimly lit. There was only one person in the room with me. I could only see his silhouette, but I could tell he was studying me.

“Well, well Mr. Ragu I presume?”

“Who are you.”

“You might know me as…The Architect!”


“Just kidding, I am the creator. I designed Deus Ex.”

“Warren Spector…I really loved Deus Ex a lot. Hey, can I have your autograph?”



“You broke into Ion Storm, destroyed my spider bots, destroyed my androids, caused untold damage to the building and all of this for insider information on IW?”

“Damn strait.”

He sat there and looked a while then half smiled and said, “You are lucky to be leaving with your life.”

Two guards entered and put a hood over my face. They then guided me out of the room, down a hall, and into a garage. They put me into a van and then drove for what seemed like hours. I was asleep when they woke me and dumped me out in some woods. I jerked the hood off just soon enough to see the van’s taillights disappear down the road. I looked around. It was easy to tell this was a uncommonly traveled road. So now I had to walk, walk back home, with what? With what? Nothing, really, nothing. And that is my sad story, I risked it all, and I got nothing.

*As Big Ragu types the last letter, he looks over the story in satisfaction in telling the truth to what happended to him…almost. You see, after he posted this conclusion, he went to his desktop, double clicked the item that he did get from his troubles. The one thing that he walked away with. He started the Deus Ex: Invisible War Beta that he walked out with. How you ask? Before the guards gassed Warren’s room, Ragu was able to make a copy of the CD on specially made microCD format disk. He then took that disk and placed it in a special case, which he then swallowed. The guards found the original, and thought that Mr. Ragu didn’t take anything else. He walked out with the beta version of IW, and they had no idea.*

5th Nov 2003, 01:26
Alright, now we need to huint Big Ragu down and make him burn cpoies of that CD. Or we could get him to tell us: Does gender make a difference?

Big Ragu
5th Nov 2003, 01:33
The firs time I played through it, I played as the male, just for becuase. The second time I played through it as the female. It didn't really make that much of a differenct, yeah some dialouge changed here and there. But that was about it.

James Warren
5th Nov 2003, 02:50
Now, daddy, I *really* need a drink!

5th Nov 2003, 03:08
Never mind my earlier comment ... the wait was worth it.

Now, Big Ragu, are you going to give everyone on this forum a beta copy?

*Cloak Activated*
*Bio-Electric Reserves drained*

5th Nov 2003, 08:55
Originally posted by James Warren
Now, daddy, I *really* need a drink!

/* gives James Warren a Soda Machine*/

5th Nov 2003, 11:20
Originally posted by Le`Sauveur`De`Ces`Dames
/* gives James Warren a Soda Machine*/

No, I think he needs this liquor more.

*throws a liquor bottle, it immeditly shatters*

James Warren
5th Nov 2003, 13:21
Thank you for the fun story daddy!

I, too, am very curious as to how the dialogue and choices will differ with the sex of your character. There was a sort of "gold digger" character in the Paris night club that followed me around in my first play through of DX1 asking repeatedly "What is your job" and I always remember that when I think about how the different sex choices might be given a different flavor. The female Alex might, for example, have to deal with drunks and/or tactless wolves hitting on her in such a setting. The male Alex might have to deal with a charming but devious flirt. Different characters might come forth to befriend or annoy each choice. I think that the writers *could* very well have given both games a unique and memorable quality with a few well placed social "situations." I wonder how much of a priority this was?

But we will soon know :D

Amazon Warrior
5th Nov 2003, 15:45
Given the high level of attention to detail in the first game, I'm sure they've made an effort to provide us with a few crucial 'immersion' moments. If they haven't, I shall be cross.