View Full Version : How can I skip this level?

23rd Oct 2003, 09:07
Boaz has me beat - if I keep trying to kill her I will be divorced as trying and failing to kill her puts me in an incredibly bad mood by the time my husband comes home!
So - how can I skip this level (I'm on PC) and will I be missing anything?

Don't worry - when I have finished AOD I will go back, maybe in a calmer frame of mind. No Tombraider has ever beaten me yet!:mad:

23rd Oct 2003, 11:39
You can download the saved games for the Boaz level here:-


It contains 4 saved games so you can decide at which point you want to start.

1 start
2 big bug dead
3 little bug dead
4 approach little bug, end of level

Here is the link to Stella's main saved games page (http://tombraiders.net/stella/savegame.html)

24th Oct 2003, 09:01
Thank you!