View Full Version : How to complete level 2

23rd Oct 2003, 08:50
Okay...level 2, pretty hard for the second level I think we all agree. But I did it...well...still doing it, but I'm so close. Here's how I did it. Come out of the sewer with the spy disguised, the sewer that's loacted at the bottom left of the map. There's a door, press F7 to spot it. If you want, the explosives are in a box surrounded by a fence near the bottom of the map, but that's not how I did it. I took out everyone in the building, then used the spy to get to the building in the middle, where the guy was doing his speech in begginning sequence. Using gas grenades and the spy I took out every1 in that building, (careful cause Gestapo SGT uncover your disguise) then there's a box behind the curtain with poison. Get that, then the timer will start. Make your way back to the buidling you were first in and hide any really obvoius bodies. You can click the stop watch to stop the 15mins, and the guy starts driving around. Using the sapper, put him in the tiny hidden room on the first floor, underneath the stairs, and put the spy behind the door to the left of the front door. Then when O'Donnel comes in, gas him, use the spy to take out the guy by the door, and then finish them off. Then wipe out the rest of the house. I think you then have to go to the prison door where you first started...I haven't done that yet. But that's the hard part, getting the poison for the spy...despite the fact that he already has poison. I don't know where the sniper rifle is though, but the way I did it seems easier. Well, good luck old boys, and lets all hope level three is a touch easier eh? Feel free to e-mail me if you have any problems...or just reply to this.