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23rd Oct 2003, 04:49
I like to make walkthroughs. If anyone can do these faster or will less disruption in the case of parts one and two, send me a suggestion or a link to your own web-site so I can compare. I like to get th missions down to where I can do them the fastest with the least kills aside from my objective.

I posted the first four missions of Cental Europe:


Stalingrad is too easy to post a walkthrough. And I haven't played Normandy because I'm still on Europe! If you can do Europe better though, send me a post. I want to try it.


23rd Oct 2003, 07:20
uh... dude... u know ur 'walk-through' for the first mission of central europe is really nice and complex and all... but there is a much much simpler way... the guy you named S1 you can do as u said(with the cig's) ... then u use the cigs again for the next closest person (not named... across the road)... then all u need to do is sirynge S3 and S2 and hide them under the tower and wait for truck... climb in the truck when it stops (crawl with lupin) and then the only hard part is timing exactly when to get out of the truck (usually once the two Gestapo or SS guys start running (meaning they arent looking)... once ur inside there will be 2 guys u need to tie and gag FAST and then hide and ur done... i did it that way in about 5-6 minutes flat

23rd Oct 2003, 07:30
never tried that route before... sounds good... but try going the opposite way and work ur way to the officer and get the uniform.. once u have that is too easy... and u dont have to worry about the sniper or the other roftop guy either... most of the time lupin could walk around normaly... im not dissin u like my last post.. just try it out... u said urself u like the best/fastest/non-killing kinda routes... :)

26th Oct 2003, 01:43
Look at that.... to ll you non-believers that suggested C2 was so much better than 3 because there were so many way do do two and not the C3 missions... and here you go.... a relatively plain and simple mission where you cannot sound the alarm, and at least three different suggestions. Hmmmmm.... maybe you complainers just lack creativity. LOL The game does have problems, but to suggest there are less ways to tackle the missions is pretty shortsighted.

26th Oct 2003, 05:56
Cool nice site. You're like the only site that actually shows the missions right now, which is nice cause my saved games keep getting lost when my computer decides to crash.