View Full Version : a little word, a little question to you players

22nd Oct 2003, 23:39
Lets take it fair, the game itself wasn't done that bad! It was fun, and a filling of the day that I played it. It was a good little experiance to replay the graphics of C2 in a completely new environment of display and control. :p

Has anybody actually found the use for all the tools in the game? An example would be the grappling hook for the diver. Has anybody actually found a use for it? There is no icon when clicked upon, and in the entire mission I haven't found a single possible use. It would be used to climb something perhaps, but what would you climb on a dockside? Anybody found a use for the theif's ladder? Same problem, no use icon - it just seems to fill up space. I remember it's grand use in the "Saving Private Brian" in C2, but what use has it here? There really aren't any missions where the theif cannot take care of himself, since he has just as much a punch and cunning use of wire to kill as Tiny. :p

This game wasn't bad, but more of an expansion onto C2. Lets be realistic here and not end this wonderful series with a mere expansion. Have some pride in your work that's seen you through the beginning, Pyro. :)

22nd Oct 2003, 23:53
take a look at my post, i was writing it while you were writing yours, i found many of the same problems.