View Full Version : Where are the hotkeys????

22nd Oct 2003, 22:21
All i want is the hotkeys, thats all, this game is great, except for the hotkeys. And why can't we assign our own bindings to the keys??? is it really that hard??? I haven't played this game since the first day i got becaus ei gto sof rustrated of trying to cycle through my guns (q-w) and pssing thie gun i wanted. I was looking forward to thiss game so much as well, commandos 2 was so good, why o why, it can't be that hard to put hotkeys in. I just can't understand why they took them out.

22nd Oct 2003, 22:37
too bad you didn't sign up for the forum earlier. we've known about the hot keys for months...

23rd Oct 2003, 07:18
making hotkeys should be pretty easy. but if there is no-one who can disassamble the exe file we cant! i know which files we have to look in but w/o the source i cant do a thing...:(