View Full Version : Why no go?

22nd Oct 2003, 21:18
My Dell 8100 Inspiron laptop with Nvidia Geforce2 GO worked well with Commandos2 but I tryied to get the downloaded and installed C3 demo going and it won't work-= I have upgraded everything and gone to DirectX9 even. Any suggests?

23rd Oct 2003, 05:50
Do you direct X 9b? Otherwise try to install and older driver of your videocard, maybe that works.

23rd Oct 2003, 13:46
I have gone to the microsoft website 3 times and downloaded, installed it= my DXdiag tells me I have 4.09 version installed so I have no clue what's wrong-
I guess I should just find a cheap C3 on ebay and try it- just to get it over with and not mess with any demo- I sure wish I knew what is wrong!