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22nd Oct 2003, 19:50
hi all
this might sound dumb but my children and i have had tomb raider 3 for about four years and we can't figure out how to pass the first level , this is the one were you slide down the ramp to a platue, we have most of the secrets we think but after killing the monkey we can''t go any further can someone please help us. desperate need.:confused:

22nd Oct 2003, 21:58
Yes, indeed desperate need ;)

Right after the slide down, just go straight ahead (so you´ll get on lower ground). Go further and you'll enter a small way and finally end up at a switch (if i remember correctly). Pull the switch with action and go back to the slide-down-part. Behind the tree that's before the plateau, a door opened. Go in there but watch out!

If you still don't know where to go or if i gave you bad advice, take a look at www.tombraiders.net and take a look at the walktrough.

Good luck,