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21st Oct 2003, 18:58
BIG Thanks to XCOM for this great info!

Would you please try the following..

- Rename your QS0001.sav to QS0001.bak
- Move perfiles.dat to back-up folder (like you did before)
- start the game, create new profile, call it like you called it before.
- start new game, tutorial and immediately quicksave.
- exit the game and go to Output folder.

You shoud see a new perfiles.dat and a new QS000#.sav file.
The number at the end may vary.


-rename this new SAV file to smth else, like QS000#.txt
-give your .BAK file the name new SAV file originally had.

Hope you understand what I am talking about here. For example the game created: QS0002.sav

You should change QS0002.sav to QS002.txt
And QS0001.bak to QS0002.sav

Now, theoretically, if you start your game and go to start game->quickload, it should load your old quicksave. If it doesn't work, well, I guess they changed smth in the full game. It does work with the "official-final" demo.

...Please post responses regarding this problem to THIS thread. Thanks all!

21st Oct 2003, 20:40
Is there any chance that a patch will fix this problem and other problems (such as lack of hotkeys and resolutions)?

21st Oct 2003, 20:43
I honestly couldn't say if a patch will fix anything, because I have not heard anything about a patch for C3 as of yet. However, since the game has only been out 4 days, it's still a bit early to tell.

21st Oct 2003, 20:48
Yeah thats true, if you hear anything about one then maybe you could tell us, and thanks for the quick reply! :)

21st Oct 2003, 20:55
No problemo man. I'm also a big fan of the commandos series. From past experience though, Pyro has always come through with fix's that enhance gameplay and increase the enjoyment I get out of the game.

21st Oct 2003, 21:08
Alright, thanks!

21st Oct 2003, 21:18
I talked to Tech Support today and just returned my game for a new copy, so far so good in terms of not getting this to happen again..... I'll let you guys know later tonight when I put in more time if it might be the disc, but it is something you guys may want to consider....


22nd Oct 2003, 03:45
Here is the deal, I have not had the problem after four hours of playing, I think it might have been my disk. Did you guys get any errors on installation????


24th Oct 2003, 14:34
Thanks for this post. My computer crashes sometimes and I always loose my saved games.

25th Oct 2003, 19:39
i have been having save problems to. i tried what XCOM said and it works but my quicksave is corrupted and won't load up no matter what. it loads up about half of it then quits to windows (xp).

is there another mission after 'ambush the convoy' because i was about 10 kills away from completing that mission. if there is can i have a save game for it or can i level hop?

26th Oct 2003, 13:56
Originally posted by radish
i have been having save problems to. i tried what XCOM said and it works but my quicksave is corrupted and won't load up no matter what. it loads up about half of it then quits to windows (xp).

You can also try renaming usual save games (which are called smth like P0010001.sav) to quick save using the method above.
Only back-up everything before you do.

27th Oct 2003, 16:10
i can't play the mission 2 of Starlingrad,and mission 2 of Central europe and mission 2 of last one,it's out to window destop when i finish the first mission,anyone help me to pass mission 2,please.At the end of every first mission(Starlingrad,Central Europe,....)i was press "esc",but it is still out to window destop.Please help me,i thing i lost the film of Com3 so it's out.Is it right?Thank you first

30th Oct 2003, 18:58
I was also a victim of losing my saved games after the game crashed. Thankfully the renaming trick for the quicksave file did work for me; but I never could recover my other saved games.

30th Oct 2003, 19:08
Hey folks, just wanted to let you know there's still no word on a patch from Pyro. :( But keep in mind, us red-headed step children in tech support are usually the last to get any info regarding release dates. Happy Gaming!

31st Oct 2003, 00:55
We didn't get to into it with the Pyro Studios employee but he had this to say:

Right now the team is out on holidays but I guess they will start working on a patch to solve any new issues as soon as they return.

Hope this helps some of you Commandos fans sleep a little lighter knowing this

source: GameMarshal (http://www.gamemarshal.com)