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20th Oct 2003, 11:24
Originally posted by lawless77
Thanks for the tip, David. Tried it but to no avail. Files are still there, but do not show up in game's main menu.

Is your game profile still intact or it also, got reset to default? I haven't got C3 yet, so I don't know if it has ranks and medals... but if you say your actual files are intact, it means that only perfiles.dat got screwed up. I think you should still be able to load quicksave. Have you tried that?

20th Oct 2003, 12:48
Originally posted by sick
looks like we have to wait for a patch...

WE? Who are "we"? You haven't got the game yet, have you?

Lawless, can you give me a list of files that are currently in your Output folder. Also, can you tell me what you did since you experience this glitch. I mean, obviously, at one point you noticed that savegames were gone and your profile was reset.. but did you start all over? And if you did, did you re-create your profile or continued playing as "default"?

20th Oct 2003, 13:05

Those are all the files in my 'output' folder

Since the crash I have tried removing the 'perfiles' file as per the advice of another user. When that didn't work I simply replaced the file to its original location. I have also re-booted and tried the game again, but that's about it. I have not re-started the game or created a new profile.

Thanks. Does any of this make sense to you, X?

20th Oct 2003, 13:20
Originally posted by lawless77
Does any of this make sense to you, X?

Mmm.. kind of.
Would you please try the following..

- Rename your QS0001.sav to QS0001.bak
- Move perfiles.dat to back-up folder (like you did before)
- start the game, create new profile, call it like you called it before.
- start new game, tutorial and immediately quicksave.
- exit the game and go to Output folder.

You shoud see a new perfiles.dat and a new QS000#.sav file.
The number at the end may vary.


-rename this new SAV file to smth else, like QS000#.txt
-give your .BAK file the name new SAV file originally had.

Hope you understand what I am talking about here. For example the game created: QS0002.sav

You should change QS0002.sav to QS002.txt
And QS0001.bak to QS0002.sav

Now, theoretically, if you start your game and go to start game->quickload, it should load your old quicksave. If it doesn't work, well, I guess they changed smth in the full game. It does work with the "official-final" demo.