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Unholy Messiah
21st Oct 2003, 18:11
From updated site:
The majestic Cathedral of Avernus radiates holiness, but the Guardians within have turned their sorcery to dark purposes, influenced by the corruption that seethes beneath the Cathedral's virtuous facade.

My thinking:
Could this be a reference to the altar of Hash'ak'gik and mean that he is indeed in the game?

21st Oct 2003, 18:21
Considering the site shows us Mortanius. I can't help but think him and Hash go hand in hand. It's seems like a sound bet that we will see him. Perhaps he is responsible for the Shock Demons and company plagueing Raziel in SR2.

Also I wouldn't mind seeing a full body shot of Mortanius on the site.

21st Oct 2003, 21:01
hey, download the fan kit that is mentioned in the www.legacyofkain.com topic at the top of the forum. It has full body shots of most of the characters, including the one you desire.