View Full Version : Bugs in "Kill the traitor" ?

21st Oct 2003, 14:15
The mission starts in prison.

Objectives -display shows that I have to find my friends.
They are in the other cell.

A short animation then..

After that, the objective is STILL to find the others??

I have taken down all the people in the prison, but there
is nothing that can be done then.

There is a door at the upper end of a stairway, but
I cannot do anything to the door!

I mean.. it doesn't even show "DOOR" if I place cursor on it.

I'm stuck.

21st Oct 2003, 14:55
Hrm, as soon as you find your compagnions in the other cell you can enter the door ... maybe try to start the mission over again.

21st Oct 2003, 16:06
no.this door is closed.you need to go in oposed way after you will see 2 doors.check all rooms.one of the rooms contain box and the other room has a way down,after you kill 2 guards you will see the spy.And after this you need to play in berlin.But i have also problems in berlin.

21st Oct 2003, 16:17
Yeah sorry, pinokio is right - and it´s true, Berlin is an hard mission, you have to time your actions and you better get an uniform for your spy soon.

21st Oct 2003, 16:33
Thanks, I completely missed that one door...

Damn those dark rooms :P

21st Oct 2003, 16:34
hehe yep and good luck on the berlin mission u´ll need it :P

21st Oct 2003, 16:39
you welcome but i can not finish berlin.Traitor never show up.
i am waiting............
i did all and i hve no idea in wich building he located

21st Oct 2003, 21:25
I can get to a sniping position.. but where is the sniper rifle?

21st Oct 2003, 21:31
i did it.listen sniper rifle located in building where intrance from corner.near the stand where genaral spoked.chek all 2 floor.You need to kill all the solders.and after you may find rifle in the box.
after this all depend on you.How you wand to kill traiter.I kill traitor couple minutes ago.