View Full Version : Happy Birthday, Omega!

Umah Bloodomen
21st Oct 2003, 01:40
October 21st.


Have a great one!

21st Oct 2003, 02:20
Happy birthday Omega =).

Veronica Ma
21st Oct 2003, 02:41
Happy Birthday... http://images.animfactory.com/animations/alphabets/greek_gold/omega_md_clr.gif

21st Oct 2003, 03:15
Happy Birthday Young Padawan. :)

21st Oct 2003, 12:27
Thanks folks :)

Veronica Ma - Cool symbol :)

21st Oct 2003, 12:30
Hey! Happy Birthday you cool dude! ;)

21st Oct 2003, 15:19
Happy Birthday!

21st Oct 2003, 16:57
Hapy Birthday Dude.
Hows it feel being nearly 20?

It struck me the other day that I'm nearly that old and it scared be beyond belief the years of being a carefree teen are nearly over and soon we have to think about being sensible, hopefully not for at least ANOTHER 20 years at the very least though.
Party hard bud and enjoy your day.


21st Oct 2003, 21:52
Umah - The crappy college computers blocked your image... but now I see it... flowers arn't my thing, baby ;)

Once again, thanks for all the compliments... I feel so special :)

21st Oct 2003, 21:55
Happy birthday to my fellow Merseysider!

Umah Bloodomen
21st Oct 2003, 22:30
Originally posted by Omega
Umah - The crappy college computers blocked your image... but now I see it... flowers arn't my thing, baby ;)

They're not my thing either, dear.

And many-a-man have been blown off for offering them to me. :p

21st Oct 2003, 23:26

I'll pretend their dried ones... or potted ones :)

22nd Oct 2003, 01:59
Oh-he's sooo old now. It's just not fair: Why must the good, age? Really-shouldn't there be a "get out of aging" card? Or baring that, some freakish nuclear accident that coats the DNA rungs, preventing them from degrading and breaking apart, thus halting the aging process? Ah well-guess it will just stay in comics, for the time being.
Happy birthday kiddle!

Edit: Knew something didn't look right.... "breaking".

22nd Oct 2003, 12:15

Thanks Sarah :)

24th Oct 2003, 23:01
A bit late;
Happy birthday, Omega!