View Full Version : Infiltrate the stations

20th Oct 2003, 16:19
This mission is frustrating I dont know what to do I can get the admirl uniform but the guards keep detection me what do i do its the officers that detect me its tan soldiers I cant beat this leval

20th Oct 2003, 16:22
I just read the over and it did not make any since to me sorry for that as I was tired.

What is happening is that I cant figure out how to get pass the brown or tan guards. I recieved the admirl uniform from the building but every guard detects me except the grey ones. What do I need to do Im pretty much stuc at this point any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you ahead of time

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20th Oct 2003, 20:28
You have to get into the back of the truck that comes everys o often, it will take you past all the guards and then jump out when theres noone looking and run into the building, then down the hole, its a bit harder with the thief, you just gotta use the cigarettes and then stun the guys that come with the thief. Its kinda hard, but nothing compared tos ome of these missions :(