View Full Version : c3 is pretty big rip-off of c2 - pics to prove!

20th Oct 2003, 09:23
in a post a few days ago i said that c3 is a pretty big rip-off of c2. not totally, but there are some things. i said that the "new" 3d engine isnt new, it was already implemented in c2 but it was not finished, so it wasnt used. also the interiors in c2 can be rotated as in c3. here are the pics!

this is as we all know it, pixaslised when you zoom in:

now lets see how it can really look like:

this is all done by adding a simple line in the bas files.
the only prob with this is that when you rotate the camera legs and other parts of soldiers' bodies can disappear.
now about the camera angle. check out this pic:
all the pics are made in the same building but now i have changed a little number in the bas file. dont ask me how to make it fully rotatable though. i can give you a explanation but you need some kinda cheat to make it like this w/o modding the files.

also has been said that the commandos games are to complex to make a editor for. well, the game already has a editor, spanish and locked. luckely it isnt in the unofficial demo:
to bad the code is of the beta version. so i cant modify missions from the full game.

ok, last one just to show you smth beautifull :)
nice eh? not finished (water, and some other things, like that tank near the allied soldiers:D), to bad:(

20th Oct 2003, 09:36
forgot to show u this one:
and you really believed that there whernt tutorials for c2!? :eek:

21st Oct 2003, 04:22
In other words, Pyro Studios did intend to make an action oriented strategy/tactical game, but never completed it, not even with Commandos 3?

21st Oct 2003, 14:43
i mean with this that pyro told us big lies. and they took out things in c2 so they could "improve" c3. i have a lot of repect for their games but for pyro only a little bit:o

22nd Oct 2003, 15:33
As I've said in other posts, the lack of hot keys makes just to many clicking moves to accomplish what you used to do with 1 key. This sux. When there is a threat you have to fool arond clicking and looking down at icons and by then you're dead.

I hate working against the clock! The whole joy of C2 was the fact that you could take your time and enjoy the missions for the sake of fun after running through them for your personal best time. There is no time in many to move around an look at things and kill guys just for the heck of it and just have fun. There is scant detail of how to complete mission goals. C2 had the commandos saying "we have to go here and find explosives," as that building was shown. "This is the bad guy we must kill," with an image of him...etc.

There is little to find in the way of weapons/equipment in interiors. I'm sick of the snow big time. I have no problem with the 800x600 resolution but I've noticed the game running off the screen unlike C2. There are some soldiers at the screen edge that would be nice to neutralize at times but you can't get at them. Over all the scenery and objects are great for me. Lots of new stuff.

The voices are pretty bad. Lupin is better than C2. Duke is worse. Inferno is about equal. Tiny is Ok. Spooky's voice is horrible. And this "oochie" when guys like Tiny are hit is just sick. The commandos cuss in the briefings. Why not have them cuss when they're shot or at lest say "uaagh"? I made a mod for this in C2.

I like the garrote that Lupin has to kill by strangling. That was a wished for item I posted on the boards so someone read it. I like that he can finally tie up guys.

The punching by the AI is way over done. A little mechanic can kill Tiny with 4-6 punches !?

The Sturmgehwehr 44 assault rifle is good. But Russian soldiers have a weapon that is the MP-40 icon and ammo interchanges with German.

Too many soldiers can identify Spooky making him much more restricted in ability and use.

Over all there are not as many options to 'go in blasting' as many folks like on occassion. That's what was cool about C2 you could run a mission any way you desired. With the time limit on several missions once we all get acustomed to where and how to achieve the mission goal, that mission will not be fun any more to try to play another way.

The uniforms in the back packs all look basically the same. A mechanic's uniform looks like a rifleman's!? Same with officers. The SS uniform doesn't cycle to a regular officer uniform in Spooky's backpack as before by right clicking.

Getting into a truck you get the steering wheel icon but it doesn't go.

Again the manual is terse and basically refers to the icons to use.

No lower levels to practice on where if a commando gets killed the mission goes on so the player can get a feel for what is on the map for a replay. Pistol fires way too slow and all ranges are severly restricted like "Very Hard" in C2.

We all have to figure out how to accomplish things in new games of course, but I don't see myself playing C3 missions as I did C2 many 100+ times!!!

23rd Oct 2003, 09:16
thinking about asking eidos if can release modified c2 demo. will modify it like that, that only tuts can be played. i want everyone to enjoy them you know:)