View Full Version : FF VII #33 on G4 top 100 video games list

14th Jun 2012, 22:50
Very respectable number :) Chrono Trigger made #27

I just took youtube video down because once again viacom is bashing users for copyright :( Here is video from official G4 site

www.g4tv.com/top-100/474/final-fantasy-v... (http://www.g4tv.com/top-100/474/final-fantasy-vii/)

14th Jun 2012, 23:09
Did they allow gamers to vote? Otherwise, whose "Top 100" was this?

#33 sounds about right. Then again, Silent Hill 2 only made it to #85, and I think the story of Silent Hill 2 is infinitely more compelling than FFVII. And aside from story, what did FFVII aside from a rather rudimentary battle system that has been around since the first Final Fantasy?

But that's just my opinion. We all have them.

14th Jun 2012, 23:44
They always make these lists. Then number one is always something like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, or Super Mario Bros.

I personally can't name ten other games I would rather play than FFVII. Really. I don't see how any Final Fantasy game DOESN'T make the top 100.

Well, everyone's gonna have exceptions of course. Haters gon' hate. But I can't enjoy five minutes of some games while I put hundreds of hours into FF.

15th Jun 2012, 01:50
G4 workers did that list

20th Jun 2012, 14:12
Final Fantasy VII does not belong on a "Top Games" list where there are no other Final Fantasy games on it (namely VI and IX). This list is pretty confusing if you look at it. I see Words with Friends and Angry Birds on this list for some reason. Pokemon Red & Blue shouldn't be on this list either since Black, White, and Platinum blow it out of the water in every way. Hell, the only main line Pokemon games that are probably below those two games are Ruby and Sapphire but that makes no difference since Emerald is superior to the four (Blue, Red, Sapphire, and Ruby if I'm not being clear).

Now, the list says "countdown of gaming's most defining moments" so maybe this is the reason why they have made this list the way they have. But this list looks a little silly. Bioshock at #2? I know people who love that game that wouldn't include it in the top five.

21st Jun 2012, 02:27
The people who compiled that list weren't trying to think of "strictly better than" when it comes to the games that made it. I personally don't agree with too much of the order, nor do I like many of the modern games that have come out that seem to overemphasize the Western demographic of FPS/3PS/etc.

There are Final Fantasy games that are "better" than FFVII, but it was the "thing" at the time and many people could consider it the breakthrough of the JRPG into the western market. Pokemon Black and White are good games, but we wouldn't even be seeing them if Red and Green didn't kickstart the monster collecting phenomenon into high gear in the first place.

Take it with a grain of salt and value the games you like to play.