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20th Oct 2003, 06:40
Please use this thread for serious minded bug and/or game play issues. Please try not to be negative, just state the facts.


win2000, latest DX (9.0b or something like that). 1GB RAM, 2.4 Ghz Pentium V. nVidia AGP 64MB w/ latest drivers (card is FX 5200).


1. After failing a mission, hitting restart locks up the game. Have to "end task" the game.

2. Saved games / profiles disappear. I believe this happens due to a game crash, but have not isolated it yet.

3. Game disappears (crash and exits). I've noticed this when trying to run from one location to another inside a building going from one run to a couple rooms over. I believe it happens in other conditions but the game is too buggy to play for long, so I can't tell.

4. With nVidia FX 5200 (dual monitor) the game (of course) only plays on one monitor which is fine. However, if the game is playing on the left monitor, hitting the right edge with the cursor does not scroll the view. This works in WC3 and other full screen games, but not Commandos 3.

Game Play

1. No hotkeys for selecting weapons, gear, etc. is not acceptable!

2. Is it still possible to see your guys overhead?

3. 800x600 is bad! You can't see what is going on and on anything larger than a 15in monitor the graphics are circa 1994.

Other notes / bugs?:

1. The game readme says there is not way to alt-tab or other means to get back to windows. However, hitting the "windows key" does minimize the game and take you back to windows (in win2k). In my opinion, a game should be able to do this (either windows key, alt-tab or windows key). I believe when you do hit the windows key, which minimizes the game, when you then click on the game in the task bar to continue playing, the game crashes in short order after resumming play.

2. I think the game would be playable if they fix the crashes, add hotkeys and dump the 800x600 limit.

3. C2 was so awesome, I wish they would have not changed the interface or the engine and just came out with an expansion. Maybe I'll change my mind when I can actually play C3 for more than 10 minutes without a crash.

20th Oct 2003, 07:31
My hardware specifications

XP - SP1
768MB DDR no pagefile
P4 1.6a
GF4 Ti4200 128MB 4xAGP
SBLive! Value PCI

system best optimised, with ICQ, MSN and a download manager running in the background.

The game crashes back to desktop only now and then, lower than once per mission in average. not as bad as some people claimed in my opinion.

Load time is somewhat long for the first few time you rotate the map in a new mission.

Finished all campaigns, no other bugs experienced.

The missions are EASIER (disregard about the newly introduced "user friendly interface") than C2, and SHORTER.

about the 800x600 thing... you can zoom in and zoom out anyway. just zoom out and enjoy the blurred images hehe.