View Full Version : Guys! the mission save files also corrisponds to...

20th Oct 2003, 02:45
What happened to all my saves omfg... LOL, I know a few others had this problem happend and now me!!! arge!

20th Oct 2003, 02:49
your profile being defualt and your main profile gone???

Thing 2
20th Oct 2003, 08:15
Hey atax.....do you have XBOX live? Your name is incredibly familiar.....

Gamertag: Thing 2


And yes, I lost my savegames also....and no...you dont get them back...and yes...it's INCREDIBLY frustrating!

20th Oct 2003, 19:39
Sure do man, I'm the one and only Ataxonu from LIVE... Nice to have a fellow liver be familiar with my name :-)

21st Oct 2003, 17:26

21st Oct 2003, 18:00
Whatcha bumping for?

if this:

Originally posted by Ataxonu
your profile being defualt and your main profile gone???

then the answer is yes.

21st Oct 2003, 23:58
go to the 'output' file ,first, backup all the files to other disk,then deleting the 'comm3'file ,or(and)the 'profile"file, then run the game, try,if succeed, quicksave

22nd Oct 2003, 00:44
It seems the new C3 has lots of bugs to fix~~~
I haven't buys it yet, so I get on this forums to see more info about new c3, but most people are talking about the negative things about c3
Now i wonder if i should get this game or not!!!