View Full Version : Tobr Raider For N-gage!!!

Mr. Croft
19th Oct 2003, 20:51
I just bought TOMB RAIDER for N-Gage yesterday-it was so cool!!! Technology has really advanced, that's for sure! And the idea of Lara having the uniform from AOD was great!!!

19th Oct 2003, 23:18
Cool:) How are the controls on the NGage? . Been thinking about getting one also.Have fun.

20th Oct 2003, 14:55
i don't have an ngage and don't know anything about it, i'm just curious, but i saw the commercial on tv and on the screen there were 2 laras running around, was that a glitch or is there a multiplayer option?

22nd Oct 2003, 00:19
You have the N-gage already??? IMO, I'd wait until the price went down. Three hundred dollars! Man, you are spoiled!

P.S.- Is it better than the GBA?:confused:

26th Oct 2003, 04:32
Hey Mr Croft, do you happen to know anything about the never seen before levels N-Gage version features? Please let us know!! :)

Mr. Croft
28th Oct 2003, 14:20
I do not know anything about secret levels or multiplayer. The controls are vely well programmed.
And I'm not spoiled, 'cause it was a present.