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19th Oct 2003, 04:54
Yea, so I've blown up all the armored scout cars, all the panzer tanks, and both APC's. Blown up the fuel depots, killed or tied up every enemy on the map, and I'm still awaiting my victory screen.

What gives?

19th Oct 2003, 06:13
Check your objectives to see what you are supposed to do next. I am still trying to get past the guards, i kill them hide the bodies and without anything happening there is this soldier that starts running towards the tanks and they start leaving each one by one and of course i lose. Any help?

19th Oct 2003, 06:30
I think thats just a timed event. I've done the mission twice now (damn it), both times I never set off the alarm before the vehicles started to leave.

Its pretty easy to prevent them from escaping though.

Use 2 gernades of the barrels to kill the armored scout cars. (The first one to leave requires its own gernade, while a second gernade takes care of the other 3).

Then use your bazooka to take out the 2 APC's.

Run back to the road and hide by the truck. Toss a gernade at the nearest tank's barrels, and then another one at the tank to finish it off.

The next tank is heading north, so you're gonna need to blow it up using nades or ur bazooka. 3 nades or 2 bazooka shoots will kill it. Try to throw the gernades at the bottom of the tank, if you kill the gaurds to the north of the tank more soldiers will run and likely discover you.

Any tank that is heading south you should blow up with 2 remote det bombs (2 bombs = 1 dead tank). The last tank heads south, and I had nothing left but some gernades on the theif, so I had to use him for the last one.

My advice would be to save before you throw the first gernade.

Once you've killed all the tanks/apcs/scout cars work your way up to the fuel tanks, shoot the barrels, watch the last objective go up in flames.... and then wait... 'cause the victory screen ain't coming :(.

19th Oct 2003, 09:20
Mmm strange, i just managed to finish the mission as soon as the fuel tank was blown. I destroyed the 4 armored vehicles, another 2 apcs and 3 Tiger tanks, and then the fuel depot, did you destroy the building you got your bombs from??

20th Oct 2003, 21:22
The first normandy mission is glitching for me. It keeps giving me black squares in places of some objects, and crashes as soon as there's a single explosion. My guess is it's due to my small video memory size (16MB). Anyone care to post a saved game with that mission passed?

2nd Nov 2003, 20:35
Put a bomb in side the building here was the bombs :rolleyes:
One of the objectives is that, blow up the ammo depot.

Q: What do you call APC's!?

4th Nov 2003, 17:40
APCs- the German SDK wheeled, armored vehicles. Forget the Tiger tanks. Blow the SDKs with the bazooka as they sit parked. One bazooka round will take out 2 of them so you can get 6 with 4 shots. Just walk up to the fuel tanks and place the bomb. The guy with the flashlite can's see for crap while all the other nazis have Ubervision. Blow the building where the bombs were found. When the fuel tank goes the mission ends.

5th Nov 2003, 03:11
Originally posted by Twitch
Just walk up to the fuel tanks and place the bomb. The guy with the flashlite can's see for crap while all the other nazis have Ubervision.
How true... that guy with the flashlight is as blind as they come!

I just thought it was funny that someone else noticed this :D

5th Nov 2003, 18:28
Yeah what a paradox. He's right out of C2's Night of the Wolves. Yet Lupin was laying behind boxes at night in the shadows and the one Kraut saw him...