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19th Oct 2003, 04:06
For the last two weeks I've been taking two Russian girls all over Michigan to see all the cool stuff that makes us the USA. :D

I was so busy while they were here between them and classes, I didn't know how to get things done(it was busy before they got here), but now I have all this empty time. lol! :p

19th Oct 2003, 14:08
Then tell us all that you showed them. I live about an hour south of Niles, MI and so I may know of some of the places where you went. It's been very quiet in here. I think it is because we are all holding our breath anticipating T3.

19th Oct 2003, 21:27
Build an FM !

20th Oct 2003, 03:56
Well then. The first day was canoing on the Chippewa river. We took them on a tour of the CMU campus. We took them to some local manufacturing companies (its and engineering exchange program) for tours here in Mt Pleasant. They got to see the local newspaper, the Sun, and the CM Life newspaper. We took them to Bay City to see the sugar plant. There was a trip to Lansing to see the state capitol. They had a blast at Uncle John's Cider Mill in St. Johns. We took them to Birch Run shopping center and of coures Bronners in Frankenmuth, with a dinner at the Bavarian Inn. We took them to Detroit for three days, went to Henry Ford museum, MSX corporation that builds concept cars for Chrysler, and Greek Town. We showed them Ford field and the Renaissance Center. Even took them to Sommerset mall. Friday, we took them up to Mackinac Island, rode some bikes, bought some fudge, and showed them Castle Rock in the UP.

I think that is it. I'm not sure it would work for an FM... lol :p

20th Oct 2003, 12:30
No, not an FM about the girls.

I meant that building an FM might take your mind off the girls.

20th Oct 2003, 18:54

I started an FM about 2 years ago, and every once in a while I get around to adding some more too it. My problem is time. I just don't seem to have any time to do it. When December rolls around, I'll have about 3 or 4 weeks of quiet time, so I'll see if I can finish it out then. ;)

20th Oct 2003, 19:53
An FM in Detroit would be fair game....I saw a t-shirt that said...."Detroit. Where the weak are killed and eaten."

20th Oct 2003, 21:30
Hi Rommel_1891 :) Glad to see you and the "girls" had a great time cruising around...but the work on trying to finish your FM for a Christmas present to us Taffers even sounds a lot better :) Hope you can do it and good luck!!! Ta and Good Hunting!