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19th Oct 2003, 00:07
Way back in March 2000, a T2 fan mission was released called Lady Whitman's Desease. Darkloader informs me that the author is Robin Garcia, but I have never seen his(?) name on any of the forums, nor have I been able to email him.

Whitman's was the first T2 FM that I played shortly after stumbling into the old forum and learning about the wonderful gift of fan missions. I have never seen it mentioned in any thread, although I think I posted about it on completion at the old dig. Has anyone else played it? Well... yes, ofcourse, but nobody has said anything about it.

I've just checked at CoSaL and it only received a score of 4 out of 10, but I did learn that it was a conversion of an older T1 mission, so maybe all talk of this FM happened upon the initial release?

The mission itself begins in a small town section which requires you to go around aquiring your basic thieving tools (both lockpicks are in seperate locations). This is the only reason (along with one or two minor troubles getting into windows) I can think of for such a low score at the circle as I know how angry some get when Garrett starts with no, or little equipment. The mission does try to give an explanation for this in the story/readables though.

The Whitman mansion seems well thaught out though, and the story (although minimal) seems to add much in this case. The achitecture is also above par, and the AI pose a realistic challenge (ghosting) rather than being overly hard to sneak past.

Maybe I am just being too nostalgic becouse this was my first T2 FM, but I seemed to enjoy myself during tonights run through as much as when I first played it. A simple textbook thief mission which is easy enough to ghost without any reloads (unless you fall trying to gain access to upper story windows in town).

Please, give me your thaughts on this small FM.

Oh... and if anyone has a zip of the original T1 verson, I would love a copy. :)

19th Oct 2003, 01:16
I've played both versions and I've always enjoyed it. It's not perfect but still a lot of fun to play. Robin Garcia actually later on presented us with "Saturio Returns Home" which is a true gem so he obviously learned a lot from producing Lady Whitford.

You can still download the original T1 version here (http://thiefmissions.com/info.cgi?m=lwd). :)

Unfortunately I haven't seen him around the forums for a very long time so perhaps he's moved on.

19th Oct 2003, 01:35
Many thanks for the info Nightwalker. Just DL'd the T1 version (funny, I didn't expect it to be on Cheap Missions so I never looked) so will give it a go tomorrow. I'm sue I have played Saturio... the name certainly rings a bell, but maybe I just DL'd it.

Haha... jeez I need to check in on that old TTLG thread to see what I have actually played! :rolleyes: :D