View Full Version : Stalingrad Campaign ending?

Thing 2
18th Oct 2003, 23:43
Strangely....after I beat berlin....(which is I believe mission 4 on STALINGRAD)....the game just kicked me back to the main menu....is that the game telling me that...that's all it has to offer in Stalingrad? No story....no little campaign "ending"....nothing? I will be sorely dissapointed if that's how all of them end....I want a cohesive story, not just a bunch of pieced together maps.....

Is this what it's supposed to do? No movie? nothing?

19th Oct 2003, 04:53
ahaha no kidding.

There is no ending story, closure, movie ANYTHING on Stalingrad or Central Europe (haven't completed Normandy yet, but I imagine its the same).

20th Oct 2003, 18:20
how did you kill general he not sho up on my pc

21st Oct 2003, 05:04
check the previous topic, it has been mentioned.