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18th Oct 2003, 23:05
I always loved the Commando's series so I really didnt bother signing up here but after C3, I would to give you some of my feed back. In all honesty, I like this game and I think its a good game but C2 is so much better then C3 and C3 is really a stepback of C2. I dont mind the resolution of 800x600 because it still looks awsome and very detailed. The missions are good and fun but in C2, you got more objectives in 1 mission unlike C3. I have beaten the first campaign of C3 so I'm not sure if the Theif's Dog is in it or if Natasha is in it but I dont think those 2 are in it because I looked through C3 Manual and found nothing about them unless I missed it but I doubt it. I did not like the 3D charecters when you were inside buildings, they are so 1994 3D graphics, not very much detail on them at all which I think Pyro shouldve kepted the 2D in-view graphics/style which looked so much better. In C2, there was alot more hot keys which made things quicker if you were in some heat but in C3, you have to use the interface which is a bit slower since you have to look where your clicking. The other thing I didnt like was the map/objectives interface, its in the top left corner and I didnt like that, I think they shouldve kepted it in the top right corner like in C2. My biggest gripe of C3 is how you find items, when I look at this, I believe the game was rushed. I remember in C2 that you can find items in fridges, cupboards, drawers and much other places but in C3, from what I'v noticed, you can only get items from those wooden boxes. I didnt mind the fact that if 1 person dies from your team, you get mission failed but maybe thats because I quick save often. All in all, C3 is a good game but not as good as C2.

Gary W
18th Oct 2003, 23:40
Nice review, I read the entire thing :)

I haven't played C2, but I just got C3, and my first impressions weren't very high (maybe it's due to the fact that I'm almost playing Max Payne 2 :D).

But anyways, some things are good in the game, while others aren't.

I really think there should've been more to the tutorials; I still had to ask around a lot for help in the game because the tutorials didn't really teach much, and that I haven't played the previous Commando games before.

Also, the ways you select a commando, move them, etc. are strange; they're the complete opposite of what is usually used in most games (left-click selects, right-click moves/action.)